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Couple Catch 'Ghost' Creeping Into Baby's Cot In Freaky Footage

Couple Catch 'Ghost' Creeping Into Baby's Cot In Freaky Footage

The footage appears to show fingers pulling at the edge of the cot, but both parents are fast asleep.

A couple have posted what they claim to be footage of a 'ghost' creeping into their baby's cot in the middle of the night.

The couple uploaded the unsettling video on TikTok in response to a previous one they'd posted where they'd first suggested their baby's room could be haunted.

The video begins showing mum, dad and baby all in the room together with the baby already in the cot. They are then seen all drifting off to sleep, with the baby sleeping alone in the cot beside the main bed.

This is when things begin to get weird. To the left of the screen you can see the mattress that the baby is lying on start to look like it's being pushed up. As we've seen, though, mum and dad are both fast asleep.

That's not the end of it either; moments later something looks like its tugging at the mattress. Could it be a hand? A creature? It's hard to tell but it's creepy as hell.

It appeared as if a hand emerged from underneath the cot.

The parents explain that under the cot is a tiny box of clothes and shoes, saying that there is 'absolutely no room for a person'.

The weird presence disappears when, according to the video, 'Dad wakes up to noises and looks'.

TikTok users have reacted with a mix of fear and disbelief to the footage, with some skeptical that it's a 'ghost' while others say they'd be straight out of there.

One user wrote: "I would be packing up and leave the damn house in the morning!!" while another added: "I saw a hand there I’m not joking"

Others were keen to point out other details in the film, such as a shadow by the door, and something moving to the top left of the screen right at the beginning of the video. People were also perturbed that the baby seemed to smile after whatever it was disappeared.

Replying to those pointing out the shadow, the parent posted: "Lots of you have commented on the shadow - fyi thats a mirror, showing a reflection of the door. And theres no shadow on the door..."

TikTokers have been left freaked out over the unsettling paranormal footage.

However, there were more than a few skeptics who felt that the whole thing was fake.

"Sorry but the two videos could be taken from different times" one user wrote.

Another said: "I believe in ghosts but this feels staged. I see fingers. are you sure someone wasn't under her crib? was that dad's shadow in the corner in the video".

The latest footage follows two previous videos posted on the account where the parents also claimed the room was haunted. On one you can once again see the fingers at the edge of the cot, while a second shows supposed 'wisps' that appear as the usually restless baby becomes completely still.

We can't tell if this proves there's a ghost in there not, but we're certainly glad we don't live there.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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