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Couple’s Incredibly British Video Recorded On Lost Phone Wins The Internet

Couple’s Incredibly British Video Recorded On Lost Phone Wins The Internet

TikTok users have praised the pair who found the phone in The Range

The internet has been won over by two strangers who found a man's phone while out shopping and recorded a video of themselves before handing it in.

TikTok user George Saunders was out shopping at homeware store The Range when he did something so many of us dread to think about: he lost his phone.

It's a big inconvenience in the modern world and most of the time all people can do is rely on 'Find My Phone' apps or hope that some kind person will have handed it in nearby.

It would have been easy for someone to steal Saunders' phone and try to claim it as their own, but thankfully in this case the device was found by two helpful members of the British public.

Though the pair have not been identified they made sure the owner had some idea of exactly who it was that performed the kind gesture by recording a video on his phone.

The couple have been described as 'lovely' by the owner of the phone.

In the clip, shared on TikTok by Saunders, a woman can be seen holding the phone while a man swings on a chair behind her. She offers Saunders a 'hello' and introduces them as 'the nice people who found [his] phone', with the man adding that they discovered the device 'in this swingy chair'.

Adding that they were at The Range, the woman assured they were about to hand the phone in before saying: "Bye now!"

TikTokers immediately became obsessed with the pair and Saunders' video has so far racked up more than 500,000 views, with the owner of the phone hopeful that sharing the clip will help him track down the kind strangers.

TikTok users have praised the couple who found the phone.

Whether down to the politeness, the elongated 'hellooo', the fact they were shopping at The Range or a combination of the three it's clear there's only one country where this video could have been filmed, prompting one TikTok user to describe the clip as 'iconic and so British', while another said it was 'perfect perfect perfect'.

Many TikTok users expressed their adoration for the pair who discovered the phone, with one saying they were 'so cute' and adding: "Please can they find me on a swingy chair and adopt me pretty please? I love them. I need them in my life."

Saunders is yet to give any indication as to whether sharing the now-viral video has helped him track down the couple in the clip, but hopefully they'll soon come across it and acknowledge they're now some of the most loved people in Britain.

Featured Image Credit: @georgeesaunders/TikTok

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