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Creepy coordinates to a ‘body’ found on charity shop table labelled the ‘most unsettling prank ever’

Creepy coordinates to a ‘body’ found on charity shop table labelled the ‘most unsettling prank ever’

The creepy discovery was made by a shop worker

A woman made a creepy discovery on the bottom of a table she found in a second-hand shop.

A shop worker came across a chilling message scrawled along the bottom of a table, which claimed there was supposedly a 'body' stashed at a certain location and the coordinates to the spot.

The message read: “The truth is under. The body lies at 27.609060-81.206876.”

Sharing a shot of the table on Facebook, the woman wrote: “Found in and under a drawer of a donated desk.

"It was donated to the store I work at a few months ago. Pics were taken but I don’t know if anyone followed it up with a report. It was sold later that day.”

Pretty scary stuff, eh?

As you can imagine, when the image was shared to social media people were - understandably - horrified, with one person commenting: “This is actually scary.” No s**t.

The creepy find was shared on Facebook.

Another said: “This is creepy."

While a third wrote: "This feels like the weirdest most unsettling prank ever.”

Someone checked out the coordinates and discovered they were on a military site in Florida in the US - after checking out the location, one person said: "It’s a training rocket site.

"I couldn’t tell you why it’s in the shape it is but there are several prop rockets around the shape that we used for training while we were down there."

With that knowledge some folks were quick to suggest that it could potentially be a great place to hide a body, given that it was in a quiet area where cops have limited access to investigate.

After seeing the post on social media, one Facebook user revealed that he had contacted the local authorities who'd said someone else had already been in touch about the same thing.

The coordinates are for a bomb range in Florida.

They went on: “In any event, they have to get military authorisation to get out there, so it'll be a hot minute. Interestingly, beyond just being procedural red tape, it actually has a purpose - That area is actually a live bombing range, and they need to be sure they won't get blown to hell and back when they DO investigate.”

The Highland County Sheriff's confirmed a report had been made, issuing a statement to say: “We are aware of this post making the rounds. The GPS location is in the middle of the Avon Park Bombing Range and the information has been passed along to Air Force officials.”

However, since then there’s been no further updates on the ‘body’ or what became of the desk.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Google Maps

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