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Dad Fills Lounge With 26,000 Plastic Balls To Hide Daughter's Birthday Presents

Dad Fills Lounge With 26,000 Plastic Balls To Hide Daughter's Birthday Presents

Phil Smith wanted to make his daughter's lockdown birthday extra special so gave her a big surprise

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A dad has filled his living room with 26,000 plastic balls to hide his daughter's birthday presents. Excited? Well, who wouldn't be - this was her reaction:

When Phil Smith, 41, realised his little girl Sienna was going to be celebrating her birthday in lockdown, he wanted to make it extra special for her.

So he roped in a friend who owns Ball Mania Manchester and forked out £260 for 26,000 balls - transforming his living room into their own personal ball pit.

Sienna, five, couldn't believe it when she realised what her dad had done and started rummaging for her birthday presents.

We're told she's yet to find her Jenga and some books - but have been assured that she won't be reading this so we're not ruining any surprises.

Phil and Sienna.
Phil Smith

Speaking to LADbible, Phil, a businessman from Manchester, said: "I thought, 'What can I do to make her birthday/half term fun? How can you make home more fun?'"

Since he knew someone who had a ball hire company, he rang and asked: "How many balls to fill my front room?"

Phil continued: "I ordered 26,000 and I couldn't get them through the door. I had to shovel them in saucepans and all sorts into the house.

"I've still got two bags in my garage that I can't put in the house, otherwise they would be to the ceiling.

"They arrived in massive building sand bags, we opened one up and they all ran down the street. All the neighbours were scooping them up.

"Then we decided to get buckets and pots and pans. But no one's allowed in the house so we were passing them down a line."

Phil and Sienna even lay in the ball pit and watched Aladdin.
Phil Smith

The balls have been in Phil's living room for a few days and have become part of the furniture, but he has to send them back on Thursday and has 'no idea' how he's going to manage that one.

On the plus side, it might make it easier for Sienna to find her remaining presents.

He added: "There's still two under there and I don't know where they are. She's not found them and I can't find them either.

"The books and Jenga are still under there somewhere. So there are currently two presents lost in the abyss."

Despite Sienna being a little bit timid when the surprise was initially revealed, she's now diving into the ball pit and doing flips.

OK, she might not be as happy when she's helping her dad shovel them back out, but for now this is a birthday to remember.

Featured Image Credit: Phil Smith

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