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Man Creates Adidas Originals Shoebox 'Man Cave' In Garden

Man Creates Adidas Originals Shoebox 'Man Cave' In Garden

John's got lockdown figured out

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A man has created a one of a kind Adidas Originals shoebox 'man cave' - just in time for lockdown 2.0. You can check it out here:

As you might have guessed, John Clark is big into his Adidas trainers. So much so that he actually has 150 pairs.

Indeed, if he could have chosen to share a name with a popular footwear brand, it probably wouldn't have been C. & J. Clark International Ltd, aka Clarks.

But anyway, the 50-year-old has now added the 151st Adidas Originals shoebox to his collection, in the form of his very own garden boozer.

This is where John is spending lockdown.
John Clark

Explaining the inspiration behind the first Adidas Originals shoebox shed pub in Stockport, and potentially the world, John told LADbible: "We replaced an old children's playhouse which the kids used to play in when they were young, but obviously now, they're 20 and 22.

"It was a bit of an idea in lockdown really - none of us could go out to the pub.

"So the kids said, 'Well, we'll build our own - if this happens again, it's not going to go away quickly,' and lo and behold, it's just been finished in time for lockdown number two."

He continued: "I got a local contractor to come in and build it - a guy who builds bars in your garden.

"He designed it and originally the idea was it was just going to be a normal grey-coloured unit stuck at the side of the house.

"But when he drew it up, it looked like a shoe box. So I just thought, 'Right, why not?'."

It cost him more than £5,000 in total.
John Clark

The 'Solebox Bar' set him back £5,000 ($6,546), plus £700 ($916) for the fit out, with John himself putting in the hours to make sure the design was as close to the Originals as possible.

He said: "I painted the outside - matched the blue to the box exactly - and I've done all the lettering, the stripes, and I did the box label on the front as well.

"They've all been cut out of wood, I've had to cut every single zigzag that goes up the side, and then match the zigzag to go to the box bit at the top, 'cause there's a bit of a gap. And then I had to get the angle right off the box.

"Everything's to scale, apart from the label. The label should be bigger, but you just can't get a digital printer to print a template big enough."

John made sure the attention to detail was spot on.
John Clark

But what's so Spezial about Adidas trainers anyway?

John - who runs a flooring distribution centre - said: "I think it stems back to when I was growing up, when I was a kid in the '80s. And, you know, it was all flashy trainers, big football culture - and I used to follow football quite a lot.

"When I was a kid I couldn't really afford them, so I thought one day when I'm a bit older I will be able to afford them, and now the kids have sort of grown up, it's a bit of a passion. I've been collecting trainers for about the last 10 years or so.

"We've all got to have a hobby, haven't we? And my hobby is collecting trainers, unfortunately."

Well, I'm pretty sure you'll have a new hobby by the end of lockdown John - it's called drinking in the shed, and it's fantastic.

Featured Image Credit: John Clark

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