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​Man Cycles From Poo Poo Point To Pee Pee Creek To Raise Money For Yemen Crisis

Jess Hardiman

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​Man Cycles From Poo Poo Point To Pee Pee Creek To Raise Money For Yemen Crisis

A man has managed to cycle more than 2,500 miles across North America, having started at Poo Poo Point and ended up at - wait for it... Pee Pee Creek. Yes, those are real places.


Keen adventurer Ruben Lopez, 23, decided to 'up the ante' with a 36-day cycling trip, which would take him to two of the US' rudest locations.

Lopez, a professional musician from Chicago, wanted to get out on two wheels to raise money and awareness for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which he feels isn't garnering enough attention at the moment.

So far, Lopez has smashed his $5,000 target, having raised more than $7,000 for Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation.

And believe it or not, he's not even done yet; having already hit Poo Poo Point in Washington and Pee Pee Creek in Ohio, he plans to journey onwards to finish the 5,000-mile journey at Pee Pee Island, a small island located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Credit: Google/GoFundMe
Credit: Google/GoFundMe

Lopez told LADbible: "I've never ever been northwest before so everything was new to me. But I'm a very just get up and do it kind of person.

"So I got a plane ticket, packed my bike, and set out not knowing anything about it."

While the trip from Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Creek took Lopez 36 days, he still has a few weeks left as he travels to the border of Maine and Canada, saying he'll be sharing what he's up to on Twitter and Instagram.

He continued: "I did this simply because I love exploring. Adventure. I've been doing similar solo trips for a few years now but this time I decided to up my ante.

"I also figured it was a great way to use my time because I hardly come across people during a time of social distancing.

"Since I had experience with cycling I figured I'd bump it up even more and do it for a cause I am passionate for. It's awful that one of the worst humanitarian crises that the world has ever seen is getting the least attention.

"That's why I decided to reach out to them and see if there was a way to help. I had a plan and a goal that I didn't know if I could do or finish but those details don't matter. I would try my a** off anyways."

Credit: Ruben Lopez
Credit: Ruben Lopez

Of course, with some epic journeys come extreme highs and lows - both of which Lopez has faced.

Lopez explained that he's experienced many long days and technical difficulties, and that he's found himself in tears.

He said: "Sometimes you get to turn in at 9pm. Sometimes you can't find a place to set a tent til one in the morning.

"I have been stranded in South Dakota for several hours waiting for something to happen after I had 8 flats in under 300 miles, using up all my tubes - last tube being a blowout I couldn't even patch. Patching high pressure tubes isn't even ideal if you don't have the proper kit - which I did not.

Credit: Ruben Lopez
Credit: Ruben Lopez

"A guy ended up giving me two tubes at a gas station. Exact ones I needed in the middle of nowhere. I cried.

"There are some moments that just do not feel coincidental. I firmly believe that the worst moments in life will never last forever so long as you keep moving forward."

But Lopez has also had incredible times on his mammoth ride, having enjoyed having the freedom to get in touch with his emotions.

Credit: Ruben Lopez
Credit: Ruben Lopez

"I have had moments where I cry from pure bliss," he said.

"I love it. It's so freeing. I love being able to pull away from the world just for a bit and be on my own.

"I spend a lot of time with myself. I have learned what makes me cry. Angry. Happy. How I deal with those emotions. I've grown so in touch with myself and every time I acknowledge that, it's what makes me cry again.

"I'm very into being transparent with my emotions. It's one of the most important traits I've developed. It lets me move forward."

You can follow Lopez's journey on Twitter, and also donate to his fundraising campaign via GoFundMe.

Featured Image Credit: Ruben Lopez

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Jess Hardiman
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