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Adult star who shocked friends with size of penis won so many porn awards he had to remove them from his home

Jake Massey

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Adult star who shocked friends with size of penis won so many porn awards he had to remove them from his home

A porn star has picked up so many awards he's had to shift them out of his house.

Danny D was a builder until his mates made him aware that he had an usually large 'asset' after spotting it in the toilet, and nowadays that asset is helping him bring in buckets of trophies.

Listen to Danny break down what a day on a porn set looks like:



"Winning anything is always nice... but it doesn't really change anything," he told JaackMaate's Happy Hour Podcast. "It's not like you get £100 a day or anything, it's very much just a pat on the back for your body of work, or a scene that you did.

"So I try not to look into it too much, but they're always great when you win some and you get to build a little trophy cabinet."

Asked what kind of awards he has in said cabinet, he replied: "Golden penises. I think one of my favourite ones is my Pornhub award for the 'best cumshot'; just literally says that on it."

He went on to explain that there are ways of making an ejaculation more 'voluptuous' - and it's exactly this kind of expertise that earn you a cabinet full of golden penises.


In fact, he's now so well decorated in the porn industry that he's had to shift some of his accolades.

Danny explained: "I ended up having to move my trophies from my home, because it was alright when you had one or two, but then I got a few more and I was like, these kind of need to go into the studio - away if Auntie May comes around for a cup of tea or something."

Still, I'm sure Auntie May is very proud of everything Danny has achieved.

And it all could have been so different if it wasn't for one fateful slash at a festival in Germany.

He's made a splash in the porn biz. Credit: Instagram/@dannydxxx
He's made a splash in the porn biz. Credit: Instagram/@dannydxxx

Explaining how his move to porn came about on the Happy Hour Podcast back in February, he recalled: "I was having a p***, and one of my buddies came over and sees my d*** and he’s like, 'dude, what the f***'s wrong with your penis?'"

Until this point, Danny assumed his manhood was ordinary, but his mate proceeded to show him his penis and that's when the porn penny started to drop.

"I'm like, 'No, that's not normal is it? Are you alright showing people that?'" he said.


"So I show my penis, and that was it, that was the start of the idea for the rest of the holiday, it was just ideas of what I could be doing with the rest of my life instead of being a builder."

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Speaking to UNILAD, Danny explained how he first dipped his toe into the sex world.


He said: "I started going to a few swinging clubs and things like that just to see if I had the confidence or the ability to have sex in front of swingers.

"I ended up meeting a guy there who paid me to have sex with his wife. He obviously saw in my face I was amazed by it and he said 'I'll give you 150 euros every time you do that' and I literally was like 'let's go again'.

"I was 18, I could just keep going."

Featured Image Credit: @dannydxxx / Insta

Topics: PornHub, Sex and Relationships

Jake Massey
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