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Woman shares hilariously awkward survey she received from guy she ghosted online

Woman shares hilariously awkward survey she received from guy she ghosted online

The woman was a serial ghoster, but had never seen anything like this before

Anyone who’s had to go through the ups and downs of the modern dating world will know a thing or two about ghosting - but one guy decided to use it as an opportunity to get some feedback.

Usually, when you’re ghosted, you simply never see or hear from the person again – that’s unless they ‘zombie’ you and suddenly try and edge back into your life.

However, when this Aussie woman had her own run of being a ghost, her victim did reach out to her, in a rather unique way.

An absolutely bold move, he decided to send over a hilariously awkward survey. I salute you, soldier.

Emily ghosted the guy while visiting LA. (gucciqueenofbne/Instagram)
Emily ghosted the guy while visiting LA. (gucciqueenofbne/Instagram)

Emily Webb was in Los Angeles, California, when she stopped responding to the bloke after he asked to ‘hang out’ on her last Saturday night in the city.

In the messages to the guy, she says she doesn't want to hang out with a group of his friends as she would feel like a 'hot accessory'.

She said: "I'm not even in LA anymore so why are you even trying. Obviously I'm going to ghost you."

When the man didn’t hear back, he sent over a survey to find out just why it happened to him as she called dating ‘serious business’.

Titled ‘Ghosted’ the survey came with the description: “Uh-oh! Looks like we weren’t a good fit, please provide feedback with a short survey.”

Emily took to TikTok to talk through the document, as she was offered four options to outline her ‘primary reason for disinterest’.

This included having ‘no rizz’, being ‘kind of on the fence about looks and decided the other way’, ‘just got busy/forgot’ or ‘personality was not hitting’.

She shared the survey on TikTok. (gucciqueenofbne/Instagram)
She shared the survey on TikTok. (gucciqueenofbne/Instagram)
The survey Emily received (TikTok/@emwebbily)
The survey Emily received (TikTok/@emwebbily)

She found the whole thing ‘hilarious’ and said despite being a bit of a serial ghoster, she’d never seen a rejection poll like this before.

“At least he’s trying to improve,” Emily joked.

“He’s trying to work on himself, I respect it.”

Turns out, he’d apparently asked her to come out with his group of friends for a night out clubbing but for her, going out in that kind of setting would make her feel like an ‘accessory’.

So, Emily told him she was flying out on the Sunday and then ghosted him.

Some users did slam her as they told her they would ‘ghost her’ and to ‘stop using people’.

However, many on Instagram agreed ‘this is so funny’ while others were more curious to find out if she did actually fill out in the end – now those would be some interesting answers.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Emily Webb/TikTok/Emwebbily

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