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Mother left in shock after dog eats £600 electricity voucher

Mother left in shock after dog eats £600 electricity voucher

A Labrador named Archie left his mum to pick up the pieces after eating her electricity voucher.

We’ve all heard about dogs eating homework and now one canine has gone one step further by chowing down on his owner’s electricity voucher.

A mum was left in shock after discovering her £600 voucher torn to shreds by her beloved pet named Archie.

The Labrador had rummaged through her bag and ripped the voucher and envelope to pieces.

It all started when Avril Graham was making her way to the post office last Friday to redeem the voucher when she briefly left the room.

Archie ate his owner's electricity voucher.

The unsuspecting dog owner left her bag in the room on the breakfast bar - but Archie managed to find a way to ransack it.

The nursing assistant collected all torn pieces and presented the remains to the people at the post office. She even said she felt as though she was experiencing her very own ‘dog at my homework’ scenario.

Thankfully, hope was not lost as the Avril - who lives in Ballymena, County Antrim - was told that as long as the barcode could still be scanned she would still be able to use the voucher as payment.

Avril shared pictures of Archie and the remnants of the voucher on Facebook with the caption: “When he knows he’s just eaten your £600 electricity voucher.”

Luckily, the voucher could still be used.

The four-and-a-half-month-old Labrador looks adorable in the snaps. In one picture he appears to hang his head in shame after tearing up his owner’s voucher.

Social media users couldn’t help but comment on Avril’s hilarious voucher incident.

“He’ll be fully charged up now and raring to go lol,” one person wrote.

Another user shared: “Oh no! I was piecing together my CC statement when I got home but your life sucks more than mine today,”

While someone else penned: “Aw he looks contrite, wee soul.”

Dogs have been eating all sorts recently, including letterboxes. See for yourself in the video below:

The unusual moment was captured by a local in Fife, Scotland where the dog was seen chewing through a front door.

A snap taken by a passer-by on Croftangry Road in Kelty was later shared to the Fife Jammer Locations group on Facebook, someone joked: "Different kind of ring doorbells in Kelty."

It should come as no surprise that viewers were left wondering if the clip - in which the naughty pooch can be seen poking its head through a hole where the letterbox once was - is actually real.

Delivery drivers should approach this house with extreme caution!

Featured Image Credit: Avril Graham/Facebook

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