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Dominos driver shares the weirdest delivery instructions she has ever received

Ali Condon

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Dominos driver shares the weirdest delivery instructions she has ever received

A Dominos driver has shared some of the 'weirdest and craziest' delivery instructions she has ever received from customers - because, yes, they actually read those.

TikToker Holly Laing (@lowkeyhollylaing) shared some of her personal favourites from her time at the beloved pizza chain. Check them out here:


Usually, delivery requests are reserved for specific delivery requirements. Say, if you have a dog in the yard, or your doorbell is broken so the driver should knock instead.


But some customers give far more specific instructions, as Holly soon found out during her time at Dominos.

The first on her list was an odd request that asked Holly not to knock or ring a bell, but to 'shout over the side gate' instead.

"That is literally what they told me to do... I did not do that because I'm not going to do that," Holly told her followers.

Though, in that customer's defence, maybe they were just chilling in the backyard and wouldn't have heard a doorbell.


Later on in the same shift, Holly was asked to drop a pizza off outside a school rather than a home.

"The next order said: 'I'll be out the front of the school in a red hoodie'," she read.

Credit: TikTok/@lowkeyhollylaing
Credit: TikTok/@lowkeyhollylaing

"How weird does that sound? I actually had to deliver to - not an address - to a school gate and he was literally standing there waiting in a red hoodie."


It's little harder to make sense of this one, I'll admit.

Third, and perhaps most confusing, on Holly's list, was a delivery request that had detailed directions for drop-off.

"Into car park, turn left, follow around the back, 2 big silver gates, call on arrival," it read.

Sure, maybe your house is hard to find. But do you know how hard it is to read and drive? Maybe a postcode would work better?


"This one wasn't really that weird, but this was an instruction that they gave me. How confusing is that?" she said.

"Just give me an address. Like, how do you expect me to read this while I'm driving? It's like they've given me SatNav instructions."

Credit: TikTok/@lowkeyhollylaing
Credit: TikTok/@lowkeyhollylaing

The funniest of Holly's delivery instructions was a short and sweet 'Knock and Go.'


Straight to the point, at least.

"This one was particularly nice. I'm sorry, how rude is that?" she laughed.

"They obviously didn't want me waiting at the door, but this was like Covid time, you had to wait for them to answer the door, you can't just leave it on their porch. I don't think you can even do that now. So I couldn't 'knock and go', unfortunately for them."

And finally, my personal favourite, a birthday message that read: 'Say belated happy birthday to Mrs Liew from Nick.'

This is actually kind of genius. Birthday presents just got a whole lot easier.

"I'm sorry, what?" said the former delivery driver. "Their delivery instruction was for them to say 'Happy Birthday' to someone. Eh?"

While some viewers were shocked at the 'weird requests' customers had submitted, others were inspired.

"You've made me want to put something weird next time I order," read one comment, which a lot of TikTokers appeared to agree with.

So, to all current Dominos delivery drivers, I apologise in advance.

Featured Image Credit: Benjamin John / Alamy TikTok/lowkeyhollylaing

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Ali Condon
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