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Easiest place to pass your driving test in the UK has a nearly 70% success rate

Easiest place to pass your driving test in the UK has a nearly 70% success rate

Unsurprisingly, bigger cities are the hardest place to pass in

The majority of drivers can agree that taking the practical driving test can be one hell of a stressful experience, particularly in built-up areas with lots of traffic and junctions to keep an eye (or both) on.

But did you know that when it comes to passing the dreaded practical test, some areas in the UK are tougher to scrape a pass than others?

This is according to a recent survey, anyway, which has revealed the UK's places with the highest and lowest driving test pass rates.

Unsurprisingly, the study confirmed that major cities aren't the easiest environment to nail your practical test and secure a driving licence. On the other hand, more rural areas have been proved to be the easiest to make sure you'll go home with a licence and some enthusiasm for driving. has analysed data of the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) on pass rates at driving test centres across the UK.

The study covered data from April 2022 - April 2023 to generate a list of the easiest and hardest places to take your practical driving test at.

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It's worth noting that not all locations have been included in the study.

Test centres that conducted fewer than 1,000 tests over the 12-month period were excluded because it's been observed that the test centres with the highest pass rates tended to be in remote locations such as the Highlands and islands of Scotland, where only a few tests were taken every year.

So, let's first take a look at the top 10 hardest places in the UK to pass your driving test:

10. Greenford, Horsenden Lane

10th place in the hardest places to take your practical driving test at for Greenford, which has a 37.8% of passes.

9. Rochdale, Manchester

Manchester strikes back with Rochdale, where just 37.3% of learners get a licence.

8. Plymouth

Plymouth, Devon, has a 37.2% pass rate, with 3,475 passes out of 9,345 tests taken.

7. Bury, Manchester

Manchester is also on the list with 2,923 passes out of 7,952 tests taken in a year, with a 36.9% pass rate.

6. Shieldhall, Glasgow

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland by area and population, has a pass rate of 36.6%.

5. Belvedere, London

London reappears on the strictest practical driving tests list with Belvedere, where only 36.1% of learners passed the test over the period considered.

4. Crawley and Wednesbury

A joint place in the ranking for Crawley and Wednesbury, both with a pass rate of 5.7%.

3. Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton in the West Midlands has a pass rate of just 35.4%.

2. Erith, London

To the surprise of absolutely no one, several locations in London feature on the hardest list, with Erith only handing out licences to 34.5% of learners.

1. Speke, Liverpool

Speke has been crowned the hardest place to take your practical driving test in the UK, with a meagre pass rate of just 29%.

Marginally easier on the tough list are Norris Green, Liverpool, St Helens, Liverpool, Wallasey, Featherstone and Barking, Tanner Street, all around the 38% mark.

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And now, you can find a ranking of the easiest places one can take their practical driving test below.

10. Ipswich

The county town of Suffolk ranked 10th with a 61.8% pass rate.

9. Melton Mowbray

Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, East Midlands, holds a pass rate of 61.9%.

8. Dorchester

Dorchester has a 62% rate pass.

7. Lee on the Solent

The Hampshire coastal town has a rate pass of 62.1%.

6. Bridlington

Bridlington has a rate pass of 63.3%.

5. Aberystwyth, Park Avenue

The Welsh seaside town has handed out 788 licences out of 1241 students who have attempted the test, with a pass rate of 63.5%.

4. Pembroke Dock

Pembroke Dock has a pass rate of 64.6%, with 1,145 passes out of 1,773 tests taken.

3. Chichester

Chichester had a pass rate of 64.7% between April 2022-April 2023.

2. Barrow In Furness

Learners in Barrow in Furness did slightly better, with 64.8% of passes.

1. Kendal, Oxenholme Road

Finally, Kendal has been crowned the easiest place to get your practical driving test with 68.3% of passes in a year.

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