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Woman shows disturbing amount Elf pens she's gone through

Woman shows disturbing amount Elf pens she's gone through

She cleared the vaping devices from every corner of her room as she prepared to quit.

A woman has shocked the internet by revealing on TikTok the staggering number of Elf pens she's gone through.

The unbelievable video began with her stating that it was 'time to quit vaping' before she began collecting her Elf bars in a basket – and the number is truly off-the-scale.

The TikTok user, who posts under the name @keliskeeble, captioned the now-viral video: "Room needs dusting anywayyysss bout time I [do] this probs only [last] a week."

The video saw the woman put hundreds of colourful elf bars, seemingly from every corner of her room, into multiple baskets – and it did not go unnoticed by viewers.

At the time of writing, it has been viewed almost 35 million times and received tens of thousand comments from viewers – a lot of whom were worried about her health.

Reacting to the video with a skull emoji, one viewer joked: "50 shades of vapes."

"I'm guessing you made those clouds in the sky," added a second, while a third added: "Bros lungs are on life support."

Despite the TikToker's revelation that she was planning to quit, a fourth viewer asserted: "the damage has already been done my friend."

A fifth viewer, however, had a more positive assessment of the situation, writing: "ok but can we actually be happy for her since she's actually quitting it? Like bruh I'm really proud of ya!"

On the subject of sustainability, another user pointed out: "I can't believe straws were banned and then they made these disposable things."

Social media users were shocked by this woman's elf pen collection.

While vaping is generally considered to be a safer option than smoking cigarettes, doctors have warned that there is 'limited scientific evidence regarding these products, mainly [regarding] the liquid used to vape with, rather than the vaping device itself, as they have continued to change over the last ten years'.

Dr Gareth Nye, a lecturer and researcher at the University of Chester, said that because they contain nicotine, Elf bars could potentially be just as harmful as cigarettes.

"Because e-cigarette liquid and smoke have been shown to contain nicotine and many of the same harmful toxicants and carcinogens as cigarettes, it is reasonable to assume that there is the potential for similar health effects for e-cigarette use, which include long-term cardiovascular damage, lung damage and cancer and other metabolic changes," he told the Daily Record.

Featured Image Credit: @itsayosigns/Twitter

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