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Ex car thief shares 7 things people do that put them more at risk

Ex car thief shares 7 things people do that put them more at risk

The former car thief has decided to reveal the riskiest things that car owners do

A former car thief has revealed the seven things people do that put their cars at risk, giving up 'trade secrets' that car thieves apparently swear by.

In this very expensive day and age, we do everything we possibly can do to protect our most valuable possessions.

And it's safe to say our cars most certainly fall into this bracket.

Sadly, however, many of us have experienced the heartache of coming home to see our vehicle replaced with an empty space and a pile of broken glass.

But now, a former car thief is attempting to repair some of the damage he did in the past by revealing some top tips on keeping our cars safe.

While Steve Fuller, from the US, has been convicted six times for stealing cars, he claims he was able to successfully get away with it 'hundreds of times'.

"I stole cars because I was on drugs, and I needed the money," Fuller told ABC News' 20/20.

Fuller has gone on to kick both his drug and stealing habits and is now revealing the seven things that people do that put their cars at risk - plus tips on how to prevent them being stolen or broken into.

Former car thief Steve Fuller has spoken to ABC and revealed the things that puts cars at risk.

1. Your car model might make it a target

Honda, Toyota, Acura, and General Motors vehicles were some of Fuller's favorite cars to steal, with him explaining: "They're easier to steal. They have good resale value so the parts are in demand. It's as simple as that."

2. Where you park your car

According to Fuller, car thieves avoid cars parked in front of houses or drives as they're 'too wide open and visible'.

While dark secluded locations, such as apartment buildings, underground parking and parking garages can be appealing to thieves because they can have their pick of vehicles in one location.

3. Car thieves dislike five things: daytime, kill switches, alarms, nosey neighbours and security cameras

Car thieves will tend to avoid things that may call attention upon themselves.

Good alarms with motion sensors, nosy neighbors and security cameras can help deter car thieves, who will simply go to other areas where they can avoid those certain things.

There are a lot of factors involved in why a thief targets a car.
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4. Leaving your car running, with the keys in the ignition, unattended

This one may seem obvious, but leaving your car running unattended while warming it up in the morning is pretty much handing over your car to the thieves.

Police have also warned that leaving your keys in your car at a petrol station, even while you are pumping petrol, is an invitation to have your car stolen.

5. Leaving spare keys in your car

According to Fuller, thieves know exactly where to look for spare keys - even if they're well hidden.

"Glove compartment, center console, door, change tray, you name it, it's there. I found it in all those places," the ex-thief said.

So, it goes without saying to not be leaving spare keys in the car when parked up.

Even the location of where your car is parked can affect the likelihood of it being stolen.
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6. Key inside your car you don't know about

"Well, there are some vehicles that have valet keys... and a lot of people don't know that they have a valet key inside their vehicle," Fuller explained.

Basically, if your car has a valet key, a thief will be able to access the vehicle and drive away with ease.

7. Leaving windows open

To Fuller, a car with a window cracked opened was as good as an unlocked car.

"A window that has enough room for me to stick my fingers in, I can get out of its track by rocking it back and forth until I get it out of the track," Fuller said.

"Then, I can pry the window out of the track enough to where I can get my arm down in there and unlock the vehicle."

Featured Image Credit: ABC / Getty Stock Image

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