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Hungover Lads Working In Ayia Napa Go On A Boat Trip, 'End Up In Syria'

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Hungover Lads Working In Ayia Napa Go On A Boat Trip, 'End Up In Syria'

List of places I want to be when I'm severely hungover:

  • My bed
  • Anywhere that sells fried chicken

List of places I wish to absolutely avoid at all costs when I'm severely hungover:

  • Work
  • Syria

Wait, what? Syria? It sounds ridiculous but that's exactly where three lads from Essex claim they ended up after their day out in Ayia Napa went horribly wrong.

Alex McCormick and his two pals, James Wallman and Lewis Ellis, are currently working the season at the party resort.

Yesterday, the lads had a day off so they decided to head off on a boat trip to see some dolphins and go diving - despite being hungover to hell. However, when they reached the port they realised they had left their pre-booked tickets back at their flat.

Due to being fuelled up on alcohol from the night before and 'generally being stupid', they decided to blag their way onto another boat because 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'.


However, it was not a good idea. It was a dreadful, awful, catastrophic idea, according to the account they gave us.

Alex, who works as an estate agent when he his home, told TheLADbible: "So we were trying to speak to these guys on this boat but there was only one person who could talk very mild English who was trying to translate for us. We said we knew the owner of the boat and he'd said we could get on, so after a while of back and forth they let us on. But then once we started moving we were like 'what now?'


"Pretty soon Cyprus was just a dot so by this point we were royally fucking panicking and trying to explain to these guys that we're on the wrong boat and they had to go back. These guys were getting pretty aggy, shouting at us, and the geeza who was translating at the port wasn't even on the boat so there was zero chance of knowing what the fuck was going on.


"Two of us had work that night, so we were trying to call our bosses to try and get us out of this mess but nobody had signal and we had 15 euros between us."

After numerous failed calls, Alex says the boys decided to 'accept our fate' and after a NINE HOUR journey they finally saw land approaching.

"We ended up in some fucking place called Tartus or something [a city on the Mediterranean coast of Syria] and literally had no idea where this fucking place was. We assumed it could have been Turkey or Greece or somewhere.

"It was another port but a lot bigger than the one we'd left in Cyprus and there was loads of Russian navy."


The lads had to remain on the boat for a while and they were then swiftly picked up by the Russian Military Police who took them to their base and grilled them about what they were up to. Things weren't looking promising. However, the policeman found their ridiculous story hilarious and took a snap of them on his phone.

Alex added: "We explained everything in detail and the officer thought it was funny and took a picture of us on his phone and explained that there would be a return boat the next day in the early hours.

"So we stayed there in the naval base being looked after by some Russians until our transfer back.


"We were hooked up to Wi-Fi, ate nice food and just had a look round the town and my pal was given some sunglasses as a souvenir. That was literally it."

Alex also decided to call his mum and let her know what had happened and she (understandably) began screaming and crying down the line.


"We got back to Napa at about 2.30pm this afternoon and we haven't stopped getting attention. Literally all the workers are talking about it."

However, Alex admits the #NapaNightGoneWrong was all a little bit too much for him and he now just wants to go home.

He said: "I want to go home now, I've had enough."

Fair enough to be honest.

Whether you believe them or not is up to you but if it's true, it's a hell of a story.

Have you ever ended up somewhere ridiculous? Get in touch: [email protected]

Words by Sian Broderick

All images credited to TheLADbible

Sian Broderick
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