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Reason Fanta is a different colour in the US

Reason Fanta is a different colour in the US

Have you ever noticed the colour difference?

Ever wondered why Fanta in some countries is a bright, cartoonish orange but pale in others?

Any seasoned traveller will be well aware that the same brand of food and drink products can often taste very different depending on where you are.

After all, who could forget the never ending debate between American and British chocolate?

Well known as a holiday staple, Fanta often just tastes better when being enjoyed abroad.

Whether you're sipping an ice cold can of Fanta Orange by the pool or enjoying the classic 'Fanta Lemon and Lays crisps' as a late afternoon snack, there's just no beating how fresh the drink tastes when you're away from home.

Fanta recipes vary worldwide. (Reddit)
Fanta recipes vary worldwide. (Reddit)

Turns out there's a reason why Fanta tastes better when you're abroad as well - and it's not because your kicking back on a sun-lounger by the beach.

One US-based Redditor shared their experience drinking the carbonated beverage in Europe, explaining the colour difference was due to different ingredients and varying levels of sugar content.

"Fanta in Italy has no dyes or artificial flavours," they wrote, alongside a photo of the pale yellow drink.

UK fizzy drinks are limited due to the sugar tax. (Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
UK fizzy drinks are limited due to the sugar tax. (Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The differences between the drinks aren't limited to colour either, with the poster revealing they have wildly different flavours, writing: "Slightly less sugary and a bit more tangy. It's the same soda only by name."

"It varies by country. In the UK it's very yellow. In many countries it's orange," a second person added.

Over on X, it seems that some Americans are firm believers that their Fanta is better.

One wrote: "One thing America does correctly is the right coloured Fanta."

Another added: "USA always has a GOAT level making products! Period…"

How much does Fanta vary from country to country?

Unlike in the States, ingredient choices in UK fizzy drinks are limited due to the sugar tax.

Introduced back in 2018, the sugar tax means that drinks containing between five and eight grams of sugar per 100ml have to pay a 18p per litre levy. This rises to 24p on drinks which have over eight grams.

Just incase you ever wondered why regular Coca-Cola is more expensive than Coke Zero.

Another major difference on either side of the Atlantic is the amount of orange juice used, with US Fanta not containing a single drop of real fruit juice.

Orange juice levels vary from country, with UK Fanta listing 3.7 percent orange juice from concentrate, while Italy has 12 percent.

In contrast, the bulk of US Fanta is made up of carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup alongside a small amount of citric acid and flavourings.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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