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Flight attendant says she's caught people joining the mile high club

Flight attendant says she's caught people joining the mile high club

That's got to be awkward.

Working as a flight attendant has a lot of perks - getting paid to travel the world, for starters - but it can get a little awkward when passengers try to sneak off and join the mile high club.

That's what attendant Kali Harlow has found on her travels, at least.

The US-based influencer, who describes herself as a 'full time traveler', has now been to 32 countries and 43 US states through her job and is absolutely living the dream. But part of her job involves catching out passengers who try to get away with hooking up on-board.

Although some people might have it in their heads that cabin crew live a wild and crazy life when they're not on the clock, Kali has said it's sometimes the passengers who get carried away.

For starters, Kali insisted that the dating scene at 35,000ft isn't as exciting as you might think.

"I work with a lot of people who are married or are dating each other," the New Jersey native told the Daily Star.

"The stereotype that crew on crew happens in the air is just a stereotype. We are in a professional environment, most people just do their job and go home.

"It’s not used as a fantasy world that people like to think of," she insisted.

But yet, some people are chasing that mile-high fantasy - particularly passengers.

Asked if she had ever caught people sneaking off in the hopes of getting frisky in the air, she laughed: "Yes I have caught one couple trying to get a taste of the mile high club.

"Of course, professionally I had to ask them to stop but on the inside I was really trying not to laugh about it."

Explaining what made got her into the jet-setting job, Kali shared that she was desperate to avoid a typical 9-5 lifestyle.

"Instead of going to eat pasta on my lunch break at a 9-5 job, I can just hop on a plane and eat pasta in Italy if that’s what I prefer."

Suddenly a cabin crew career seems incredibly appealing.

"I love the fact that I don't have to 'live for the weekend'," she continued.

"Ever since I was a little girl that was never appealing to me, I didn’t want to bust my tail Monday to Friday just to have a little freedom on Saturday and Sunday… and now, I don’t."

And if you have to catch out the odd risqué couple every now and then, so be it!

Featured Image Credit: @blondieinwanderland/Instagram

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