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​Magnum Voted Best Ice Lolly In New Poll

​Magnum Voted Best Ice Lolly In New Poll

People were asked what their favourite lolly is, with respondents able to answer in their own words rater than picking from a set of options

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Is there anything better than lounging about on a hot summer's day and suddenly hearing the faint jingle of an ice cream van heading your way? It's like a gift from the gods, a moment of pure serendipity where you're granted exactly what you want and need.

However, then comes the issue of knowing what the hell you want. Scrambling around for change as you jog over to beat the queue, it's only a matter of time before you've got to put your order in.

Should you go classic and go for a 99? Quench that thirst with a juicy Calippo? Re-live your misspent youth with a Screwball?

Well apparently most Brits would go for a Magnum, which has just been voted the nation's favourite ice lolly. I mean, I'd class it as an ice cream rather than a lolly, but I guess it does come on a stick.


New data from YouGov has revealed that it's such a popular lolly that more than one in four people reckon it's the best, racking up 28 percent of the vote.

People were asked what their favourite lolly is, with respondents able to answer in their own words rather than picking from a set of options.

Elsewhere in the top five, the mighty Fab got just eight percent, as did the Solero, while the Twister for seven and the Feast got six.

Age appears to be quite a big factor, with only 12 percent of 18-24 year olds voting in favour of Magnums compared to 42 percent of the 65 and over bracket.


The younger folk are apparently more likely to favour Twisters, as 11 percent of 18-24-year-olds and 10 percent of 25-49 year olds gave the iconic striped lolly their vote, compared to just two percent of the over 50s.

It's no surprise that Magnums won out in the end - let's not forget that the ice cream also came out on top in the famous LADbible Last Lolly Standing contest.

Taking investigative journalism to a whole new level, we plonked a bunch of lollies outside in the blazing sun and waited to see which one melted the slowest.

After the Solero met its grim, melty demise, it came down to the Feast, the Twister and the Magnum - three much-loved summer treats, three giants of the ice cream world, three very, very different ice lollies.

The thicker outer chocolate shell of the ever-reliable Magnum helped massively in the competition, meaning the humble treat was crowned champ.

Featured Image Credit: Magnum

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