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What Restaurant Would You Save If You Could Only Keep Three?

What Restaurant Would You Save If You Could Only Keep Three?

Right, we all get it - or at least we should do by now. We're in lockdown mode and some of our favourite fast food and chain restaurants are closed.

Some people are trying to recreate their usual Maccies order, others will be attempting to perfect the best burger for a home hangover without a trip to 'Spoons, and that Nando's sauce you've been saving for a rainy day is getting drained for every penny.

Now boredom has well and truly kicked in and, with ideas running low, the ultimate question has been asked: if you could save three restaurants, which would you save? Your options are: Domino's, Greggs, Subway, McDonald's, Nando's, Wetherspoon, Pizza Hut, Wagamama and KFC.

Twitter user Jack Mull posed the question to the nation - and what a response of trios he got. Jack added another point for clarity, writing: "Any Nando's slander in here will result in your account being muted. Disliking popular things doesn't make you edgy."

One person wrote: "It's got to be nandos maccies and spoons. It's just got to be." While another said: "Greggs, McDonald's, KFC. Nando's is nice but there's none around here." Fair point.

A third said: "Greggs and someone else can have my other 2," and fellow Greggs-iteer agreed, adding: "This is the only correct answer." Well, it's not... but whatever.

Nando's is always a popular choice... or is it?
Nando's is always a popular choice... or is it?

Someone else, who we all feel really sorry for, commented: "I've never even heard of half of these!! WTF is Nando's, Wetherspoon, Greggs and Wagamama??"

And there's always one, isn't there? Another person simply replied: "Wouldn't miss any of them, they can all go."

People really thought long and hard about the question as well, with one explaining: "Wagamama because I love the food. Greggs because they seem to be great employers and we want to encourage that. After that, I'm torn between Maccy D's and KFC because my granddaughter will be heartbroken if either of them close."

So which three won over all? We're yet to find out. Come on, Jack - release the results.

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