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Friends fly to Barcelona for night out as it's much cheaper than London

Friends fly to Barcelona for night out as it's much cheaper than London

The group of friends managed to fly to Spain, enjoy a night out, all for cheaper than a single London night out.

For those of you that tend to have nights out in London, you'll know it is pretty damn expensive.

Whether that is the overpriced cocktails or even the cab fare home, it is certainly not uncommon for a lot of people to spend a weeks wages on a night out in the capital.

So much so, one friendship group decided to trade a night out in London for Barcelona, with flights out to the Spanish favourite costing less than a night out in the English capital.

Zgora Boret, 24, from South London, was surprised with a trip to Barcelona for her birthday.

She was accompanied by her two best friends, Dani Smith, 25, Ruby Maher, 23, and her partner Charlotte Welsh, 26, who organised the entire trip.

The group flew to Barcelona to celebrate Boret's birthday.

The flights cost just £60 for Boret, with the group flying from Gatwick Airport with Vueling Airline, landing just after 8pm in Spain.

They were then able to enjoy an 'amazing' night out in Barcelona's stunning streets, enjoying fancy food and dancing until dawn.

Not only that, but the group managed to get in a quick trip to a beautiful Barca beach in hope of seeing the sun rise, although their paradise was cut short as they had to return to the airport for their flight back home to the UK.

After doing the all important maths, the group worked out the trip as a whole set them back £150 each, less than their typical night out in London, which would often cost them £200 each.

Boret, a business analyst, said: "I was so shocked and happy when I found out where we were going.

"All I knew was that I had to pack some clothes for the weekend, but I never expected to be going to Barcelona.

"The flights from Gatwick to Barcelona were £60 with Vueling, and we spent around 13 hours over there."

Boret runs a podcast called 2 Girls, Tequila and Oversharing with her friends, where she told listeners about her surprise Barcelona trip.

The group returned to the UK the next day.

She continued: "It was amazing. We went to a beautiful restaurant called Velissima, where we had the most amazing meal, which was an interactive dinner with singers and DJs.

"This place then turned into a nightclub, and we stayed there for ages dancing until we went to another bar before ending the night on the beach, hoping to watch the sunrise at 4am.

"Unfortunately, the sun did not rise, and by that time, we needed to go back to the airport, where we had a McDonald's breakfast before flying home.

"I was back in my bed at 10 am, where I slept till 12 before going to football at 1.

"It was a full-on weekend, but I loved every minute of it."

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