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Spine-chilling moment 'ghost patient walks through hospital doors' after dying day before

Spine-chilling moment 'ghost patient walks through hospital doors' after dying day before

CCTV footage shows a security guard talking to thin air

If you're tired of creeping yourself out with Netflix's newest true-crime drop, why not watch a patient seemingly come back to the hospital they died in hours earlier...

Check out the creepy clip here:

Spooky season might be over but there are still plenty of spine-tingling moments to freak you the f*** out.

Like the CCTV footage from the Finochietto Sanatorium in Buenos Aires, which seems to show a security guard greeting a patient who died a day earlier.

In the clip, we can see the guard getting up from his chair, clipboard firmly in hand as he greets a newly arrived patient.

He offers the patient a wheelchair, chats with her for a while, and lets her into the lobby, before sectioning off the area again.

They then head to the doctor's area together, seems normal right?

Except only the security guard is in the video and the patient he claims to have spoke to died the day before.

The security guard was talking to thin air.

The security guard reported at 3:36 am on 11 November that an elderly woman had come in asking to see a doctor, he then recorded her name and thought nothing of it.

After a few hours, the security guard went to check on the woman and noticed that she hadn't been seen by doctors.

So, he rang the medics to check what was up and gave the name of the patient.

However, in a spine-chilling moment that'll have us up for days, the medics said that the woman had actually died the previous day and it couldn't have been her that walked into the hospital.

Spooky, right?

The doors to the hospital were broken.

To thicken the plot, the care centre denied any presence of a ghost, instead suggesting that the security guard was playing along with a joke.

"It is the door to one of the entrances that are open after hours, it is the entrance to see the duty doctor.

"As it was broken, it opened by itself 28 times during the 10 hours between Thursday night and Friday early morning."

Staff at the centre believe that the security guard - from an external company - attended the 'invisible patient' as a joke.

The spokesperson said: "There is no entry record of any person at that time. This gentleman pretends to be writing something, but when you go to the registry, no one appears."

However, the spokesperson added: "No one entered and no one was registered either. But everything is under investigation.

"People are born and die every day in this sanatorium, so it is very difficult to relate this episode to any death.

"But it is ruled out, first of all because we do not have the name of the person who supposedly enters, since the man seen in the image did not write anything."

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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