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Bizarre footage showing anteater with 'two heads' finally explained after baffling the internet

Bizarre footage showing anteater with 'two heads' finally explained after baffling the internet

People can't make head nor tail of it.

A giant anteater that appears to have two heads has absolutely baffled the internet after being caught on camera.

The animal has racked up over 2 million views as people try to figure out how on earth its weird anatomy works, because there's no way it could really have two heads... is there?

It's hard to make head or tail of this one. Get it? Anyone?

Anyway, at first glance, it looks like this anteater has one brown head with the classically long snout for gobbling up delicious ants, and another fluffy white head that almost resembles a raccoon.

Both heads seem to be hunting for tiny little creatures to munch on.

But how could that be possible?

"I'm so confused! WTH?" asked one baffled user after sharing the video to Twitter.

"What the f*** [am I] looking at?" wondered a second. "My brain can not understand this."

"Come on anteater - choose a face," demanded a third.

So what is really going on here?

Well, let me put your poor, confused mind at ease.

How many heads do you see?

This anteater really does have just one head, you'll be pleased to know.

Its real head is, of course, that first brown one with the long snout.

The weird thing that looks like a second head is actually the anteater's left forearm.

Those little brown spots of fluff just make it look a little like a second head.

So rather than a biologically enhanced anteater going for little bugs with its two terrifying heads, it's actually a completely regular creature, using its paw to get a better hold of a log while it goes to town on its dinner.


Most people did eventually figure out what was going on in the video - but it did take them a minute.

"I had to watch this like four times to understand," one viewer confessed.

It's just a leg, see?

"This took me forever to figure out," admitted another.

Others are convinced that evolution has something to do with the optical illusion.

"I'm guessing the fur on its front legs has evolved to look like there's two animals feeding, when it scratches, as a defence mechanism," suggested one nature whiz. "Giant anteaters don't have teeth so are easy targets for predators."

Another agreed: "Nature has a way of protecting vital parts with parts that look like other predators.

"Like some dogs have marking above their eyes that look like eyes. Some butterflies are marked to make them look like other butterflies that do not taste good to birds."

And that concludes today's nature lesson. Thank you, internet.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@subhash_kak

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