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Giant 'Evil' Seagull Is Terrorising Neighbourhood's Dogs And Wreaking Havoc

Giant 'Evil' Seagull Is Terrorising Neighbourhood's Dogs And Wreaking Havoc

A giant seagull, named Cedric, have been terrorising dogs and causing chaos in the Isle of White.

In case you needed another reason to hate seagulls, meet Cedric, the giant bird terrorising the Isle of Wight.

Okay, hate might be a strong word, but the unpopular herring gull does spend his days 'teasing' puppies and attacking flowers in the local area.

And, in true seagull fashion, the stubborn bird seems set to continue irritating people in the area.

Cedric, the seagull terrorising the Isle of White.

At this point, you may be wondering – what has Cedric has done? Surely he's not that bad?

Well, his rap sheet includes stealing toys and water from a border terrier named Peg – even flipping the bowl over in front of the puppy, who watches through the glass patio door.

Cedric has also attacked Mark Tutton's garden, ripping up flowers and robbing stones.

Now, in Cedric's defence, he was initially welcomed into the area – that is, until he started terrorising it.

Mark, a 60-year-old builder and Peg's owner, explained: "This all started happening in the last month, Cedric has been hanging around for ages but it's only recently he's started doing this.

Arch nemesis, Peg stares down Cedric.

"A neighbour started calling him Cedric. They have a couple of bird feeders in their garden so he gets fed there every day and then comes in our garden."

This is when the bird started to terrorise Mark and Peg.

"He comes in the garden, has a drink out of Peg's bowl and then tips it over."

"We know he's been because we either hear the bowl go everywhere or we go out there and find a big wet patch," which sounds almost as annoying as the gulls at the beach trying to steal your chips.

The whole ordeal is very unsettling for Peg, with Mark saying: "He also comes and pecks on the patio door, he'll come up after knocking the water over and stare at Peg – it's like he's teasing her."

Stolen goods.

"When he comes up to the patio door he looks bigger than Peg."

“Peg has started to react to Cedric standing in the window and will go to the patio doors and watch him like a hawk."

Mark went on to say that Peg never goes after Cedric, 'she just watches him through the door. Then whenever we open the door he flies off'.

That's not all though, because Cedric has a love of Peg's colourful toys.

"He has been taking her toys – he picked up the squeaky chicken toy and flew up onto next door's roof squeaking it."

"He flies right off with her toys and people have told us they've seen him drop them out on the main road."

And that, for us, is enough to make us want to firmly avoid Cedric.

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Featured Image Credit: Solent

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