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Man shares what the ‘creepiest’ website he’s found on the Dark Web looks like

Man shares what the ‘creepiest’ website he’s found on the Dark Web looks like

Watch your back, the gnomes are gnoming

The dark web. A load of hidden away sites that are, well, hidden for a reason.

Anonymising browsers have to be used to access sites and it’s reported to be pretty much a hotbed of criminal activity - shock.

A 2019 study, Into the Web of Profit, found that 60 percent of all listings on the dark web (excluding those selling drugs) could potentially harm enterprises.

You can pretty much do all sorts on the dark web from being able to buy people’s Netflix accounts to hiring hackers.

But you can also do some really, well weird stuff.

One bloke shared what the ‘creepiest’ website he found on the dark web looks like and honestly, it’s really f**king weird.

He was shocked by the 'funniest' site.

User ‘Thunder Keck’ took to TikTok to reveal ‘simultaneously the creepiest and the funniest site’.

And if you’re not one of the millions to have already watched this viral video, the site is called ‘Get Gnomed’.

Yes, gnomed.

It claims to be ‘the best gnoming service on the dark web’ and apparently has ‘competitors’. I mean, how many ‘gnoming’ services are there?

Essentially, if someone is ‘bothering’ you, the site suggests to go ahead an ‘gnome their yard’.

Get Gnomed’s basic service ‘utilises over 500 gnomes’ that they promise to place ‘regardless of security measures’.

So, yes, you can pay a company to come along and absolutely cover someone’s garden (or even inside their home) with garden gnomes.

It gets darker though, it also offers ‘cursed gnomes’ which are filled with animal waste - gnomes filled with s**t basically.

And to really wind up victims, the ‘haunting’ service means that every time one gnome is removed, it is replaced by two more.

Thunder Keck ended up paying for the service after going so viral, having his car covered in gnomes.

The site offers gnoming services.

While users found the idea of gnoming hilarious, others were more amazed by the very fact Get Gnomed is on the dark web.

One wrote: “Why is the dark web so bright? I always imagined it… well dark.”

Another pointed out: “That’s a nice looking website, I thought every site on the dark web is a black background with white ariel letters.”

Someone else added: “I’m gonna wake up to go to the bathroom and someone’s gnoming my hallways.”

While a final user joked: "What are the reviews like? It’s really hard to find reliable gnoming services in this economy."

Watch your back lads, here comes Gnomeo.

Featured Image Credit: @thunder_keck/TikTok

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