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Woman mortified after seeing grandad accidentally livestreaming himself masturbating while she's on date

Woman mortified after seeing grandad accidentally livestreaming himself masturbating while she's on date

A woman got a notification while out on a date that her grandad was livestreaming on Facebook, and it turned out he was masturbating

We've all had a few difficult moments teaching our grandparents how to get to grips with technology, but one woman will be wishing she'd never tried in the first place after she was left with an absolutely horrific tale. You can listen to the story unfold below:

She was left utterly mortified after she got a notification during a date that her grandad was livestreaming on Facebook and was shocked to discover exactly what he was doing.

Even worse was that everyone could see it happening, so there was no chance of just sweeping it under the rug and hoping that nobody else would hear about it.

This horror story was read out on the Nearly Weds podcast, shocking the hosts Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing with how awkward a moment it must have been.

That 'NO!' isn't part of the story, Sophie Habboo was just shocked at the turn the tale was about to take.

Sophie was the one who told us all the tale, having to stop on a couple of occasions to shout 'no' in shock at what she was reading out.

Reading out the story, Sophie started with: "I was sat having food with the boy I fancied and we were having a great night."

So far, so good, but you've seen the headline and know that this great night isn't going to last long.

The story continued: "I then got a notification from Facebook to tell me that my grandad was live on Facebook.

"This has never happened before and I thought he had just been out livestreaming a band or something.

"Being the stupid, nosy person that I am, I clicked on the link only for me to be presented with a full screen view of a hand holding a penis.

"After a few seconds of the penis being on the screen the camera panned up to reveal my grandad's face accidentally w**king to all his friends on Facebook."

Jamie Laing couldn't control his laughter at the story.

As if that wasn't mortifying enough, the poor woman's tale wasn't finished as this unexpected grandparental livestream was spotted by none other than her date.

The story concluded: "The boy I was dating immediately shouted: 'Who is that?' To which I screamed in panic: 'My grandad!'

"I promptly left and returned home to tell my parents, who were sat in the living room in stitches on the phone to my grandad telling him how to remove the livestream from his page. Truly haunting."

Sophie could only finish with a gasp, while Jamie was clutching his face and convulsing in silent laughter at the modern-day horror story.

Just think, one day we'll all be old people struggling to use whatever piece of technology is relevant at the time, so spare a thought for our potential future grandkids who will have to help us through the confusion.

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