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Kid ‘fills in’ the Grinch who burst into his house as a surprise

Kid ‘fills in’ the Grinch who burst into his house as a surprise

The little lad wasn't having his Christmas ruined

Ah, it’s that glorious time of year. No, not when you get to start opening little carboard doors to a chocolate every day. And not when you get to watch cosy films every night.

The time of year when videos go viral online of kids screaming as someone in a suit bursts into their home and wrecks it.

I’m talking Grinch season. But this time, the kids are fighting back:

For the past few years now, there’s been clips going round of Grinches running round people’s houses and – sometimes – tearing down their Christmas decorations.

I mean, I don’t think any of us can forget the controversial Belfast Grinch-for-hire service tragedy from 2021.

A mum ended up kicking off online as the Grinch apparently turned up and destroyed her home, smashing up food and pouring juice and washing up liquid everywhere – including on her kid.

And now the Grinches are back for 2023.

Although, not every child is having it as one little lad ‘filled in’ the Christmas grump who stormed into their home.

The Grinch went straight for the tree.

A video recently went viral online as someone in the Grinch suit banged on the front door and wildly ran into the house carrying a bin bag.

They then ran and jumped at the tree, pulling it down as two little kids began screaming and crying.

But the third child wasn’t having any of it.

“What are you doing?” he shouted as he began absolutely battering the Grinch.

Like a little Tyson Fury, he absolutely took down the intruder, slamming them to the ground and throwing punches – all to a soundtrack of a barking dog and screaming kids.

Users on X wrote: “Bro doesn’t want to ruin his Christmas he fought for it with all the strength he got.”

The lad was having none of it.

Others demanded he be signed up ‘for the UFC now’ as one put: “It’s funny enough anyway but that little kid defending his house like his life depends on it LOL, screaming.”

And while some are commenting to say the kids will be ‘traumatised’ and have had their Christmas ‘ruined’, someone in the comments who says she's the lad’s sister has defended the situation.

She wrote: “All the Karens in the comments I am the wain’s sister dressed up in a Grinch suit pulling down a tree that was getting replaced the following day, no kids were traumatised as they knew it was me and the excessive screaming in the back is because I grabbed her advent calendar.”

You can only imagine the sibling fights that might happen in that house, as one user pointed out: “That wee lad proper filled in the Grinch.”

Featured Image Credit: X/@MZAMOJO

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