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Lad spends year secretly learning Korean to surprise wife and family with full wedding speech

Lad spends year secretly learning Korean to surprise wife and family with full wedding speech

The lad had been taking secret video calls and hiding his screen from his wife-to-be

For those of us who were begrudgingly forced to learn a language at GCSE, weeks were spent memorising flashcards our ‘favourite hobby’ or our family.

And then we instantly wiped our minds of it, likely to never use it again.

But what about learning a whole speech in another language for the power of love?

Not the Christmas kind of power of love, the real, soulmate kind.

Sure, we say we’d do ‘anything’ for our better half, but would you spend a year secretly learning a whole other language?

That’s what this top-class lad did for his wedding.

Ben Carpenter decided to surprise his wife and his new in-laws by spending nearly a year learning Korean.

Unsurprisingly, his video of the speech went viral as he left viewers in tears – go on, there’s no shame in having a TikTok cry lads.

Ben started off pretty standard before sharing that he and bride, Sohee, had joked ‘for months’ that it would be ‘cute’ if he learned a little Korean to ‘sprinkle’ into his speech.

Ben took secret Korean lessons.

But he then begins speaking in the language to reveal that ‘as a show of respect’ he has been ‘secretly taking lessons’.

“When Sohee and I first started dating, she told me in Korean culture, dating a foreigner is frowned upon by many Korean people. I was very scared to meet you, because I felt like maybe I wouldn’t be accepted,” the groom says. “But I was wrong.”

“You welcomed me with a warm heart. Thanks to all of you, we’ve made it this far.

“I’m thankful you’ve accepted me as a new member of the family, and I promise to love and take care of Sohee forever.”

The camera frequently shows his wife’s parents who nod and smile along as Ben fluently delivers the heartwarming speech.

His wife got pretty teary.

After the speech, Sohee’s parents hug Ben as his wife tears up.

In the TikTok caption, he revealed he had been sneaking off for half an hour at a time for video calls she didn’t know about and often pretended they were for work.

“In bed I would often put one headphone in so she couldn’t hear what I was doing, and turning my screen away so she couldn’t see either,” he wrote.

“I set myself a goal of learning just a teeny tiny bit of Korean as a show of respect to her and her family on our wedding day.”

Well, he’s absolutely smashed that and definitely put all our butchered ’favourite hobby' speeches to shame.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bdccarpenter

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