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'Grumpy baby' who went viral seconds after she was born has been pictured three years later

'Grumpy baby' who went viral seconds after she was born has been pictured three years later

Born on the edge of the global pandemic, the little baby gave the world a memorable 'glare'

A lot of things made us grumpy back in 2020, and rightly so, if we're being honest.

But one baby was literally born grumpy, coming out of her mum with an absolute snarl on her face as she greeted the doctors.

On 13 February 2020, little Isabela Rocha was born in Brazil.

But when she wouldn’t cry for the obstetrician (a sign a baby’s lungs are functioning), she became a viral meme.

Literally a meme being born.

Just moments after being delivered via C-section, Isabela frowned at the doctor.

Absolutely not impressed and serving a cold glare for the medical staff, she did end up crying after the umbilical cord was cut. Keep them guessing, I guess.

And while she might have birthed the ‘angry meme baby’, the mum says her daughter is now ‘smart, affectionate and intelligent’.

Mum, Daiane Barbosa, has shared photos of Isabela now she’s three and it seems she’s ditched the p**sed off look.

That's one grumpy baby.
Rodrigo Kunstmann

Isabele’s mum admitted the family never thought the snaps from the operation room would launch her little baby into global fame. I mean, who would?

Daiane told Brazilian magazine Crescer: “'It was certainly something that never crossed our minds as first-time parents, but it was a moment that happened naturally.

“We thought it was super funny and welcomed all the national and international repercussion of Isabela's angry photo!”

Now a toddler, the little girl has seen the viral meme and even questioned why she was so grumpy at the time.

It wasn’t all an angry birth moment though, as the baby was soon placed in front of her mum for their first kiss.

Nowadays, Isabele has her own Instagram account that her mum sometimes has to monitor due to negative comments.

Not so grumpy nowadays.
Instagram / @isa_bravinha1

She said: “Raising a child for the world is very difficult! But I just ask God that she grows up and becomes a great woman!”

When Isabele was snapped with her ‘grumpy’ face, the photographer said the viral fame changed his life.

Rodrigo Kunstmann said to Brazil GQ: “Childbirth is a unique moment.

“I can only consider myself a blessed person. I feel like a lottery winner.”

The images were everywhere on social media back in 2020 as users wrote: “The future is female & she’s p**sed.”

Others said she’s ‘not here for your sh*t’ as she gave the doctors a ‘death stare’ for trying to make her cry.

Another joked: “This little wise soul knows – she knows it was better in there than outchea.”

Featured Image Credit: Rodrigo Kunstmann / Instagram / @isa_bravinha1

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