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Woman horrified to discover neighbour's hamster has chewed through wall into bedroom

Woman horrified to discover neighbour's hamster has chewed through wall into bedroom

Who knew hamsters were so powerful?

Of all the pets you can have, hamsters are pretty damn innocuous, right?

Well, apparently not, if this woman's experience is anything to go by:

A woman named Kenna Buchanan was left understandably perplexed when she heard a strange sound coming from the wall to her bedroom.

She became even more panicked when she noticed a hole and realised it was being dug into.

Assuming there might be a rat problem in the apartment, she called on the help of her housemate Kiley, saying: "Help... there's something digging into our apartment."

However, as soon as the panic set in, a little head popped out of the wall.

Turns out it wasn't a rat at all - it was a pet hamster. The neighbour's hamster, to be precise.

Much to their surprise, the tiny critter - named Linda - had managed to completely burrow its way through the wall and come out the other side to say hello.

Alongside the clip, the TikToker wrote: "Entertaining night, the time my neighbour's hamster chewed through our wall into my apartment!"

Hello there!

Thankfully, they managed to get Linda back home. How? By luring her out with tortilla chips, of course.

The hilarious incident has since gone viral, amassing more than two million views at the time of writing, as well as hundreds of comments.

One person who has clearly experienced something similar in the past wrote: "Teddy bear hamsters always on some bs I swear."

Another said: "Lured out with tortilla chips". Never have I related to a hamster more."

"Linda just wanted to play," quipped another, to which Kenna replied, "She could of at least asked."

Others were delighted by the hamster's name, including this person who said: "The fact that the hamster is named Linda is sending me into orbit."

While a second chimed in: "The fact that you know that your neighbor has a hamster, much less her name, makes me so happy."

As cute as the whole thing is, here's hoping Linda asks next time she pops round for a few snacks.

Linda made it back home safe and sound.

For a bit of hamster-related news that isn't quite as heartwarming as this, scientists recently made the horrifying discovery that if you gene-hack these animals, they turn into aggressive, furry, small balls of fury.

Researchers at Georgia State University released a breakdown of their hamster experiments and included what could be the scientific understatement of the year.

"We were really surprised at the results," said Professor of Neuroscience H. Elliott Albers, who led the study.

"We anticipated that if we eliminated vasopressin activity, we would reduce both aggression and social communication. But the opposite happened."

Great news if you've ever wanted to train up an army of evil hamsters to do your bidding.

Featured Image Credit: @kennabuchanan3/TikTok

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