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Headteacher reduced to tears as ex-student sends thank you text 20 years later

Headteacher reduced to tears as ex-student sends thank you text 20 years later

The headteacher was overcome with 'pride and emotion'

A headteacher broke down in tears after one of his ex-students got back in touch after two decades with a heartfelt message.

We've all had that one teacher in school that made an impact on us - could have been the therapist English teacher (why was it always the English teachers?) or the level-headed maths tutor - but whoever it was for you, chances are you cast your mind back every so often and think of them.

But one student went the extra mile by actually getting in touch with their old teacher - 20 years later - to say how much of an impact he had on them.

Mark received the message last month.

Mark Dent, the executive headteacher of Cambrai Primary School in North Yorkshire, received the message last month and decided to post it on Twitter for all to see.

Mark said he was 'bursting with pride and emotion' after being 'tracked down' by the unnamed former student, writing: "Today I was tracked down by an ex-pupil and received this message. The moment I read this, I burst with pride and emotion. This is what we do it for, fellow teachers."

The student wrote in their message: "About 20 years ago you told me at a parent's evening I should do something in science as I clearly love it.

It brought him to tears.

"Graduated marine biology and just got a job offer today for microbiologist technologist at GSK.

"You are the first person to find out as you're the person I thought of weirdly.

"It's really stuck with me all those years and I'd just like to say thank you, you were right.

"Have a good day mate," they signed off.

The post quickly went viral as people gushed at the post and even shared their own experiences with teachers that helped or inspired them.

Mark shared the heartfelt message on Twitter.

"This is amazing. I often think of my English teacher and the things she helped me with, she has no idea. So happy you were able to be tracked down!" wrote one.

"Teachers are the heroes. Society should value them more," said another.

A third wrote: "That's lovely! I tracked down my GCSE maths teacher last year to let him know what I was doing now & to thank him for his patience with me as a teen... Had he not believed in me when I didn't, I definitely wouldn't have been a maths teacher now."

A fourth added: "Reading that made me cry. I couldn’t agree more, it’s absolutely why we do it. For us, it’s a small moment and for them it’s huge. How lovely and special they were able to find you and tell you."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/mr_m_dent

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