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Man unknowingly takes one in a million picture and notices days later

Man unknowingly takes one in a million picture and notices days later

How's that for good timing?

Sometimes the stars align and something which could have taken hundreds of tries to get exactly right just happens, seemingly on a whim.

It could be taking a selfie with your partner just as a shooting star goes past above you, or something a little more unfortunate like snapping a pic in a club just as someone is being sick. One in a million.

But one man has managed to snap such a picture seemingly by complete chance while out on a hike.

Gavin Best had been out walking at Cavehill, Belfast, and while enjoying the scenery, he decided to take a pic.

It's a very well put together photo, with different elements lining up and a lovely view of the surrounding landscape. But it was only when he was looking back at the image later that Gavin noticed he managed to capture an extremely unexpected moment.

What a lovely picture! But wait...
Twitter / @bestgav

While it may look like a well-composed scenic shot, eagle-eyed viewers of the image may have noticed that there is actually someone on the cliff in the distance.

It seems that Gavin may have been photobombed from a long way away.

Okay, you may be thinking - so there's someone in the background, it happens all the time, big deal?

Except there's more.

If you zoom in very closely onto the figure on the clifftop, it seems that the photo was somehow timed absolutely perfectly.

You are probably familiar with the technique where people jump up in the air to take a picture. It's a common thing with big groups of people, and can be difficult to time properly.

But it seems that Gavin accidentally managed to pull this off from a big distance away.

Zooming in even more reveals that the person in the background is in fact perfectly suspended from the ground. Presumably they were jumping up for another photo to be taken.

Talk about perfect timing, eh?

What are the chances?
Twitter / @bestgav

Gavin shared the snap on Twitter back in 2018, writing: "Took this photo a few days ago. Just spotted something in the distance and zoomed in. How's that for coincidental timing?"

However, some people were concerned about the person in the photo as they were worried they may have been trying to jump off the cliff.

But Gavin reassured them by saying that he had seen a group of people on the clifftop a few minutes later.

The photo was taken on top of Cavehill which Gavin described as 'quite a yomp' to get to.

All the same, it seems pretty clear that with views like that so close to the city it would be more than worth the yomp to the top.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @bestgav

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