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Police officer has perfect response to man who made Hot Fuzz joke during swan rescue

Police officer has perfect response to man who made Hot Fuzz joke during swan rescue

And of course this happened in the home of the iconic film

From a quick GIF reaction in the group chat to a sharp comeback to your mate’s roasting, our favourite TV and film references often come into our daily conversations.

But there’s not exactly always a place for using them - like in police duties for example.

Although when they’re dealing with something relatively silly, I guess there’s time for some silliness.

And Mendip Police stretched their comedic muscles when they had to deal with a swan rescue earlier this year.

An absolute whopper of a bird was looking a little worse for wear sitting in the middle of a road in Wells, Somerset.

Police showed up in the early hours of a cold February morning to try and rescue it.

And photos of the swan were shared to X (formerly Twitter) with the caption: “It’s just the one Swan actually. PC EDWARDS from Response assisting in Wells.

“The swan was carefully transported to a local wildlife hospital.”

As most of you lot will have gathered, Mendip Police snuck in a little reference to Hot Fuzz – how could they not?

'Just the one swan'.
Mendip Police

For those not in the know, the Edgar Wright 2007 film was the middle of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, and put a British twist on best mate-centred cop movies.

Following Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) on his move from London’s Met Police to a rural village as he’s landed with Constable Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) desperate to be his mate.

And within the whacky, hilarious wildness, the two coppers spend quite a long time trying to capture an escaped swan – one of the most famous parts of Hot Fuzz.

Quite ironically, Wells is actually where the film was filmed, making this whole exchange even better.

The swan was loose in the home of Hot Fuzz.
Mendip Police

In a video of the police trying to deal with the real swan this year, an on-looker shouts: “No luck catching them swans then?”

And the police officer turns round to perfectly respond: “It’s just the one swan.”

It’s a real-life recreation of the fictional pair being asked by a local shopkeeper: “No luck catching them swans then?" to which PC Butterman defensively says: "It's just the one swan actually."

Users on X were quick to point out: “What’s amazing is that this happened in Wells!”

Reacting to the video on Reddit, one user joked: “The copper spun around so fast he’s obviously been waiting for that set-up all night lol.”

And another put: “That is one of the most British things I’ve ever heard.”

Featured Image Credit: Mendip Police

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