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People disgusted after witnessing brutal reality of where caviar comes from

People disgusted after witnessing brutal reality of where caviar comes from

Excuse us while we throw up

If you've not eaten caviar, watching this video will make you glad you never tried.

And side note, if you ever wondered what the inside of a fish looks like, well, here you go.

We should probably say *trigger warning* right about now, 'cos this is seriously gross.

People are just realising how caviar is made.
Jean-Blaise Hall/Getty Stock Image

A video has emerged on social media, revealing how caviar is 'made' and people have been left pretty disgusted.

Caviar is unfertilised fish eggs, also known as fish roe.

Posted on the TikTok account, @tasty_sharefood, the fish is cut open before the person preparing the caviar begins removing their insides, which they collect in a bowl.

And spoiler - it doesn't look much like the posh and fancy caviar you might see on a film.

People were absolutely horrified at the video.

One person commented: "Now I know why I won’t eat caviar. Absolutely disgusting!"

While another said: "The fact people be eating this is wild as hell."

And a third added: "Wait.. they ain’t got no organs just straight up Jordan wolf grey 5 material in it there?"

And a fourth said: "I have to say I love caviar. Seeing this not so much. Hardly the image you need."

And a fifth added: "Never ate caviar, and I never plan to."

Many wondered how the sturgeon had produced so many eggs, which prompted some social media users to explain.

One wrote: "The high price of caviar is primarily due to the scarcity of sturgeons, which are rare to find, and the necessity for them to reach a minimum age of 10 years before their eggs can be harvested for caviar production."

While a second said: "Sturgeon is critically endangered and you have to kill the fish. it takes decades for sturgeon to get to that size, and you are selling what would replace them."

Caviar is fish eggs taken from a sturgeon fish.
Craig Hastings/Getty Stock Image

Caviar is made by removing the eggs (also known as roe) from a sturgeon fish.

True caviar always comes from a sturgeon, but you might also see it referred to as caviar even if it's from another type of fish.

Caviar Star explains that once the eggs are harvested, the sacks are rubbed across a stainless steel mesh to separate.

They are then rinsed and inspected for impurities, residue or any broken eggs.

The caviar is then weighed, salted, and packaged.

While it is possible to use a cruelty-free technique that doesn't harm the sturgeon, most caviar farms still use the traditional farming method which unfortunately involves the fish being killed in order to remove the eggs.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Tasty_Sharefood

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