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People reckon ‘it all makes sense’ after finally seeing how they put sleeping bags in carry bag at factory

People reckon ‘it all makes sense’ after finally seeing how they put sleeping bags in carry bag at factory

One said they spend over half an hour trying to do it themselves

You’re hungover after a full weekend camping for a festival. Or, you’ve just spent a few nights sleeping in a tent for a camping trip. Whatever it is your packing up from, the last thing you want to do is wrestle a sleeping bag back into its carrier.

It’s not exactly the easiest job trying to somehow shove the puffy thing back into the flimsy little bag.

As you’re stood there on little-to-no sleep it seems impossible that it even fits in there anyway.

And now people reckon ‘it all makes sense’ after seeing how the sleeping bags are initially put in them at a factory. Watch the clip here:

A user shared the video to Reddit of ‘how they put sleeping bags in the carry bag at the factory’.

In a pretty satisfying watch, the big puffy, cosy bag is wrapped round two spinning rods, which rotate it.

This way, the air gets squashed out and the sleeping bag folds like a nice slice of Swiss Roll.

The factory worker still has to get involved though (in my opinion this just proves how difficult it is for one person to do), as they tuck in the bag as it rolls up.

They then have to stand and shove their body weight against it, holding it in place in a tight cylinder as they grab a carry bag.

So that's how they do it.

Rather effortlessly, she then pulls the carrier bag over and it sits compact as it’s meant to be.

Users were quick to write in the comments: “That machine should come with the sleeping bag so you can get it back in.”

As one angrily quipped: “These sadistic d**kheads know what they’re doing to us.”

And another put: “Soon as I watched two seconds of this video, it all made sense.”

Others said: “Now I know why I need to struggle for ten minutes to get it back into the bag.”


But another joked: “Ten minutes?? Are you some kind of sleeping bag stuffing guru?”

As one said they usually ‘spend upwards of 30 minutes’ before giving up.

A user offered some advice for others as they wrote: “Don’t roll up your sleeping bag when you put it back in the bag. Open the zipper (it’s better for durability) and just stuff the thing in there.

“That’s how you supposed to do it. It’s also better for your bag because every time you stuff it in, the “stress points” of the insulation are on different parts.”

Well, it all makes sense now.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/dannybluey

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