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Star behind I’m In My Mum’s Car meme rushed to hospital with mystery illness

Star behind I’m In My Mum’s Car meme rushed to hospital with mystery illness

Tristan Jay Simmonds' followers rushed to send their well wishes after hearing the news of his health scare

The star behind the 'I’m In My Mum’s Car' meme has been rushed to hospital after being struck down by a mystery illness.

Tristan Jay Simmonds, who became a viral Vine sensation back in 2014, gave his followers an update on Sunday (26 November) in wake of his sudden health scare.

The content creator became an overnight celebrity with the six second clip of him behind the wheel of his mum's motor saying: "I'm in my mum's car, broom broom."

Tristan became the subject of millions of memes and remixes after the video was viewed on social media millions of times, as people loved his strong Yorkshire accent.

He previously told LADbible in 2019 that his rollercoaster ride of fame started within just a couple of days of uploading the clip and 'went totally crazy'.

The YouTuber went on to forge a career online thanks to the notoriety he gained from the Vine and now he regularly opens up to fans on his social media accounts.

In 2021, Tristan come out as trans and later revealed he was planning on starting testosterone.

Tristan told fans he has ended up in hospital due to a mystery illness.

He fulfilled his wish and has been undergoing the hormone therapy for around five months.

The lad has taken his followers along on the journey with him, but some began to get a bit worried after he stopped posting on Instagram for nearly two weeks.

Tristan then explained last night (25 November) that he has been hospitalised due to a mystery illness, but doesn't know 'anything else' at the moment.

He has since shared a video detailing what he does know about his current condition.

Tristan said: "Hello, this is what I sound like. Yeah... s**t. I'm dribbling like f**k so, bare with.

"Right, where do I start? Well, doctors thought I had measles. But then I had a doctor come in about five or ten minutes ago, saying, 'Nah that ain't measles you've got. You've got a reaction off something'.

He shot to fame with the hilarious Vine he uploaded back in 2014.

"So I'm getting more tests and tests and tests to see what the f**k it is, because, look at me. I feel like absolute s**t.

"I've never felt as s**t in my whole life. I've never stopped in a hospital like this, ever. I'm glad I'm in the right place now to get the right treatment. If I left it too late, I'd probably be a goner.

"So I'll keep you all updated and see what the next step is."

Fans of the content creator rushed to send their well wishes and flooded the comment section with sympathy.

One wrote: "Oh mate - what a scary time it must be for you. You're correct, you're in the right place. Sending you lots of well wishes and hope you have a speedy recovery."

Another said: "Sending you so much love. I hope they find out what it is soon so you can begin your journey to recovery."

A third added: "Get well soon Tristan."

Someone else chimed in: "I'm so sorry but I'm glad you're being monitored. Praying they figure this out."

And a fifth remarked: "Hope they get to the bottom of it very soon, hang in there kid."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/tsimmonds_official

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