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Woman terrified after spotting ‘ghost of war criminal soldier' in eerie garden footage

Woman terrified after spotting ‘ghost of war criminal soldier' in eerie garden footage

This is very convincing...

A grandmother believes she's captured the 'ghost of a war criminal soldier' in her garden.

Lael Robertson, from Queensland, Australia, was at home when her dogs began barking erratically.

Lael, 51, checked her cameras and was gobsmacked when she saw an image of what she says was a 'human-like' figure lurking near her porch.

Lael believes what she saw was the shadow of a war criminal soldier.

Apparently, she could make out the soldier's legs, complete with boots, as well as his upper body which was 'disfigured'.

According to local history, soldiers were massacred near Lael's home during the 1800s and she believes one could now be inhabiting the property.

Others are also pretty convinced that the video is evidence of paranormal activity, too, with many claiming they've never seen anything like it.

Take a look for yourself...

People are convinced by the image.
Kennedy News and Media

"It looks like a soldier with his boots on. His legs are really clear and they're transparent," says Lael.

"In the 1800s there was a massacre here where there were troopers coming in and killing aboriginals, so it could be one of those.

"My dogs usually tell me if something's around that shouldn't be in the yard and they were going crazy so I went to check the footage.

"When I saw it I just said 'oh my god, what a b***dy image we've just caught'.

"I've been trying to put what's been happening here into the paranormal [investigation] world for around a year now and everybody called me a liar.

"Now I've got this I thought 'they can't say anything about this one', but they do.

"I feel like I've found the proof now.

"I don't know how we just got a photo of it and not a video but because it's a motion sensor camera it just got a photo.

"It's taken me a while to get used to this sort of thing. The first year I was very scared but now I just love it."

The image is pretty eery.
Kennedy News and Media

It's not the first time Lael has experienced paranormal activity in the house. She says there's been knocking on windows and picture frames falling off walls over the last few years.

People on social media are convinced, with many in shock over the photo.

"Now that's something paranormal," one person commented on the video.

A second added: "Best evidence I've seen on this page."

And a third wrote: "Wow that is so amazing you caught this evidence of the paranormal."

We have to admit, this is very convincing.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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