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Woman captures awkward moment 'entitled' bloke 'belittles' her at gym while filming workout

Woman captures awkward moment 'entitled' bloke 'belittles' her at gym while filming workout

She stood up to him after he made an unnecessary comment

An influencer managed to catch the awkward moment she had with an 'entitled' man while she was filming videos at the gym.

Madi Webb was filming herself carrying out a number of exercises at her gym in Los Angeles, California, US, when a man approached her and created the awkward exchange.

The social media influencer was going about her business when the man she described as 'rude' went up to her to comment on what she was doing.

She posted the viral video on TikTok, and captioned it 'where tf did he find the audacity', garnering over 2.5 million views.

The man came up to her in the video, and told Madi: "Your form's good. I don't know why you have to make these little videos. It's kind of distracting from your workout. You'd probably get more out of it [if you stopped]."

Madi then hit back, saying: "See, I'm already getting a lot out of it, because I make so much money making these 'little' videos," as she claims to earn anywhere between $10,000 (£7,800) and $35,000 (£28,300) per TikTok video.

The 25-year-old then put her middle finger up and mouthed an f-bomb at the man while he walked away as she 'made him feel stupid'.

She had just joined the new gym, and chose not to become defensive when he made the comment, standing up against the 'rude' man, though she later found the situation 'funny'.

She stood up to the man, despite his 'belittling' comments. (Kennedy News and Media)
She stood up to the man, despite his 'belittling' comments. (Kennedy News and Media)

Madi later explained: "I thought it was funny. I grabbed my phone to record him because he just sounded like an idiot. I already had my phone out recording so all I had to do was pull up the camera.

"He was entitled. I wanted to essentially make him feel stupid. If people are going to come up to belittle you then you might as well stand in your power and not allow that to happen," she stated.

She theorised that it might have been an attempt at flirting, and was not impressed: "If he wanted my attention there are so many ways he could get it, he didn't have to insult me in order to do so."

"Women are so conditioned to think that's flirting. I don't think it's flirting. I think it's just rude. If he wanted to flirt with me there's a million ways he could have done so," she added.

"Instead he chose to put me down. Any man who needs to put down a woman in order to feel more masculine is not a man,

"I know that responding defensively is never going to turn out the way you would like it to. It essentially gives them more of an excuse to be an a*****e.

"He was embarrassed because I was not playing his game at all or getting offended by it or being defensive," the influencer said.

She felt empowered when standing up to the man. (Kennedy News and Media)
She felt empowered when standing up to the man. (Kennedy News and Media)

Madi admitted that it's not the first time she has been 'belittled' for her content, but is grateful for it all as she came 'from nothing' to living 'in a penthouse in LA'.

The podcaster said: "I always get belittled for my videos. I have since the day I started social media. It's jealousy in a way.

"The only difference between me and everyone else is that I'm not afraid to be seen trying. I never even posted the videos that I was filming in that gym. I was just practising for future gym content."

She added: "I manage myself so everything that I earn is essentially self-earned. I'm more of an entrepreneur than an influencer."

Some people in the comments section think it was a poor attempt at flirting, with one user saying: "Was this supposed to be a chat up line?"

Though, the majority of others think it was straight up rude, with a second user commenting: "Hahahha perfect response tho cuz he scattered quick!!"

Another put: "How did you think so fast on your feet I would have day dreamed about this response three days late."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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