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Girl Who Was Stood Up And Took Herself On A Date Speaks Out About Online Abuse

Mel Ramsay

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Girl Who Was Stood Up And Took Herself On A Date Speaks Out About Online Abuse

Featured image credit: Twitter/Mimi Black

Mimi Black went viral last week after she was stood up on a date. Instead of feeling down about it, she decided to take herself out.

She's now using the platform she's received from the comments to her story to educate others about online bullying and mental health issues.

Mimi is a strong advocate of mental health issues and suffers from bipolar disorder, and explained that, in the past, this has been detrimental to her socialising and going out.


She said: "It took me so much courage to get out of the place that I was in.

"When you have a mind where you overthink every little thing and anxiety twists and strangles your every single thought process, it's difficult doing normal things like going on dates."

After travelling to Glasgow city cente to meet up with a bloke she'd been chatting to for a few months, she was pretty gutted when she realised he wasn't coming to meet her. She wasn't sad for long though and she decided to use the opportunity to have a laugh on her own.

She Snapchatted the whole day. Her mates then enjoyed it so much that she put it on Twitter for everyone else to see. And we're glad she did to be honest. She seems like a laugh.


Anyway, soon she went viral AF. Then many people started commenting on her day, claiming that she was an 'attention seeker' or that she'd 'made up the story to go viral'. Christ, you lot are a very cynical bunch aren't you? We covered the story and a quick check has shown me that a) loads of you really hated this story and b) some of you despise the fact that women write for TheLADbible. And here we are again telling her story, because at theLADbible we're inclusive and don't give a fuck for narrow mindedness.


Mimi took to her blog to explore life post-viral fame.

She said: "As it was distributed on Facebook, I felt my stomach drop as I looked at what can only be explained as a sea of negative comments attacking how I look or how I seemed 'attention seeking'.

"Of course, anyone who knows me personally strongly disagrees, but it's difficult to have thousands of people make an assumption about you from a 'sassy' half-hearted Snapchat story. People speculate whether or not I've had plastic surgery, commented that I wear too much make-up or pondered whether I'm promoting lingerie from Ann Summers.

"What's most upsetting is those who comment that I must be desperate to get married, a prostitute, a complete airhead or someone who just wants to so desperately be famous. None of which I am, and I could deal without the grief. I expected a few giggles with my followers, not to be thrown into viral territory. In hindsight that is very naive."


It's easy to make a snap judgement of someone and we're all guilty of it. Let's leave nicer comments this time, perhaps?

Words by Mel Ramsay

Topics: Mental Health, Snapchat

Mel Ramsay

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