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International Sneaker Convention Coming To Sydney This Weekend

International Sneaker Convention Coming To Sydney This Weekend

The freshest kicks will be out for people to trade, buy and sell.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

While some people view shoes as just another accessory that they wear everyday, others see it as a part of their identity.

Well for those people, tomorrow is a very big day because the International Sneaker Convention is hitting Sydney and will see people bring their freshest kicks to show off to others.

Starting in 2009, the convention was created by Yu Ming Wu and aims to give people a place to buy, trade and sell their most prized possessions.

Sneaker Con/Instagram

Again, if you're not into sneakers, you'll have no idea why something like this needs to exist when we've got the internet.

But like any hobby, having a big event like this can attract a lot of people.

The convention's website says: "Whether you're copping a rare pair or trying to find a steal, Sneaker Con has a wide selection that will meet the needs of any sneaker shopper.

"Additionally, every shoe purchased on the Sneaker Con marketplace is reviewed by our in-house team of experts to ensure authenticity of your purchase.

Sneaker Con/Instagram

"After years of cultivating a community of sneaker fans through the Sneaker Con events, the team has brought their passion and expertise for kicks to the Sneaker Con digital platform."

So yes, while they do have a digital presence, hundreds of people are expected to turn up to the International Convention Centre in Sydney to see what's on offer.

Sneaker Con/Instagram

The New York Times covered an event in the Big Apple and Styles editor Joanna Nikas wrote: "In the brightly lit center, there were nearly 500 official vendors set up spanning almost every inch of the 160,000-square-foot partitioned space.

"But the heart and soul of the event was the trading pit, an area in the back where a vibrant crowd of mostly teenage boys was talking and holding up sneakers, looking for buyers.

"I had been to vintage conventions and fashion week shows, but even the most hyped events lacked the organic energy of this one."

To be fair it sounds pretty cool. Tickets can be found here.

Featured Image Credit: Sneaker Con/Instagram

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