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Lad Uses Simple Google Hack To Become 'Sexiest Man In Britain'

Lad Uses Simple Google Hack To Become 'Sexiest Man In Britain'

Many lads will have to battle day in day out knowing the woman they're currently dating, or want to date, finds someone big and famous far more attractive than you.

Very rarely will a lad ask his girlfriend who they think is the 'sexiest man in Britain' and the answer be, 'you babe, obviously' - it just doesn't happen. I hope it doesn't anyway.

When ordinary lads have to compete with the likes of David Beckham, Robert Pattinson and Dean Gaffney, what chance do any of us have of winning that crown?

Tom Church, 25, decided he'd ask his girlfriend whether she thought he was the sexiest man in Britain. Rather bluntly, she replied...


For most lads, this would be a huge dent to their confidence, but Tom wasn't fazed. He knew he could prove he was cream of the crop, it'd just take a little bit of brain power.

Being an IT wizard, he decided he'd get a picture of himself to the top of Google's image search if his girlfriend someone were to be looking for the 'sexiest man in Britain'. How many times have you had someone who doesn't believe you about something Google it and be proved wrong? Exactly.

How would he manage it? Well, it was actually way simpler than I thought it'd be.


Tom told TheLADbible: "First I found a picture of myself, I thought, in good shape. Then I uploaded it to 12 free image hosting websites which anyone can find a list of on Wikipedia.

"Then I gave the image specific titles, descriptions and tags like, 'Britain's sexiest man' and 'sexiest man in Britain'.

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"Google loves websites with loads of content and that are 'keyword rich'. These image sites are perfect for manipulating algorithms."


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After uploading the picture to the sites, Tom then used a free service called Pingler that let Google know to come and index them.

A paltry 11 minutes later and Tom's picture was appearing on search results. Search 'sexiest man in Britain' now and you'll find Tom near a picture of Mr Bean, no lie...

Tom, from London, has just started a Life Hacking Facebook page and blog explaining how he manages to do all this kind of stuff. It's simple but effective and if there's ever an opportunity to get one over your girlfriend, this is certainly a pain free way of doing it.


Now, I'm going to do no work for the rest of the day and make myself the sexiest man in the world. I expect I won't be the only one at the top of that search result in the next 24 hours.

Words by George Pavlou

All images provided by Tom Church

Topics: Life Hacks, Hack, Google

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