Lad Discovers Money-Saving Petrol Trick Oil Companies Don't Want You To Know

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Lad Discovers Money-Saving Petrol Trick Oil Companies Don't Want You To Know

Is there anything more annoying as an expense than having to put your money towards petrol for the car?

Well, of course there are, but you know what I mean. You'd rather keep hold of that £20 and head down the pub later but instead it's four cheap (but exquisite) Galahad lagers from Aldi and Coronation Street for you. All because your car is a gas guzzler.

If you're smart, though, you can actually save on petrol. And save a whole fucking lot if you follow this lad's method, apparently.

A vlogger called Grant says his truck is a drinks petrol like Oliver Reed tackled vodka and when he found out he was doing 13.6 miles to the gallon, needed to find a way of reducing his costs.


Now he thinks he's found a solution that gives him a 56 percent better gas mileage and saves him in petrol costs.

Check this out...

So basically what he did was turn his vehicle in a 'water-hybrid' using distilled water and a teaspoon of baking soda.


'Tickling' the water with 12 volts of electricity, Grant claims separating the hydrogen from the oxygen means he can get more 'burn'.

Formerly getting a 30 percent burn, it meant 70 percent of the fuel was shooting out of his exhaust pipe. Now he believes his new system is resulting in a 100 percent burn and saving loads of fuel.

He claims it's the trick the oil companies don't want any of us to know. But now we do.

Cheers, Grant.


Disclaimer - I'm not a mechanic by any means so only try this at your own risk.

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