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Horrifying truth about people's intestines being sucked down pool drain after getting bum stuck

Horrifying truth about people's intestines being sucked down pool drain after getting bum stuck

A number of people have died as a result

The idea of your intestines being sucked from a pool drain sounds something of 'an old wives' tale' - but it will quite literally take the s**t out of you.

As a number of cases have shown, if you get your bottom caught over an open pool drain, your insides will be sucked out of your anus.


The drains can produce over 300 pounds of suction pressure that causes tears to the colon and your small intestines to be pulled out of your body.

One tragic case involved a five-year-old girl - who went on holiday with her family in Egypt - accidentally sat on a pool's suction valve.

The force of the vent was so strong that it pulled her small intestines from her body.

In 2019, aged 16, Salma Bashir revealed that she has been unable to eat food for the last 10 years.

Now living in Pittsburgh with her mum and two younger brothers, the poor girl is forced to spit out her favourite food in a tissue after giving it a brief taste because she cannot swallow.


At the time, she told truly: "I am not the kid who goes, ‘Oh my God, ice-cream.’ I love savoury stuff, I like meat, I like seafood.

"I don't technically need to eat but yet somehow I get the sensation that I'm hungry.

"Maybe it's a brain thing, maybe it's a mind thing. I have no idea.

"It would be awesome to swallow the food again."

She relies on a total parental nutrition bag (TPN), hooked up to her body to make sure she takes in all of the important nutrients.

"It's basically a bag full of fluids with all the nutrition you need, such as calcium, sodium, glucose, all the vitamins and everything you need," she added.

"I’m hooked up to that for 20 hours a day. When it first gets hooked up, it's about 15 to 20 pounds.

"I'm about four foot three, so I'm very small. The reason I don't absorb food is because I don't have intestines at all. So there's nowhere for it to go if I eat anything."

PProximum / Alamy Stock Photo

Recalling the horrific incident, Salma said: "I was just swimming all of a sudden, I just sat on it by accident. I know the lifeguard tried to pull me out and he couldn't because the suction was so much.

"My dad tried to pull me out. And then I know a couple people finally were able to get me out, and when I was taken out, it was so traumatic."

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