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iPhone users warned over little-known trick where people can see your deleted texts

iPhone users warned over little-known trick where people can see your deleted texts

The hack might cause some trouble for people who text before they think

The ability to delete texts has been a Godsend for those of us who have a habit of typing before we think, but just because they've gone from the message stream doesn't necessarily mean they're gone for good.

If this realisation has sparked fear in your very core, then maybe you need to start thinking harder about the thoughts you commit to the keyboard, because someone might just take a scroll through your phone one day and find everything you were hoping to keep hidden.

Think these messages are gone? Think again.

Let's say, for example, that you fell out with Friend A and decided to go on a rant to Friend B about their behaviour - and perhaps every other aspect of their life - in a moment of fury.

Fast forward to a point when you've made up, and you're hanging out with Friend A. Maybe their phone is dead, or maybe you're driving, but for whatever reason, you ask them to message Friend B from your iPhone.

Cue the moment they come across every single rude comment you made about them in that rant you had earlier. Very unfortunate, and definitely a recipe for another falling out.

Deleted messages can be recovered.

This whole situation could be avoided with a couple of swift clicks to delete the messages - but if Friend A knows where to look, then you could still be in big trouble.

TikToker @kaansanity took to the platform to share the method that can be used to recover entire conversation streams of deleted messages - all the drunk texts, all the embarrassing admissions and all the heat-of-the-moment criticisms.

To find the messages, go to Settings and tap on your name. Go into iCloud, then Show All, and Messages.

If you hit Manage Storage and Top Conversations, the phone will recover your deleted texts, potentially making them visible to the very person you were hoping to hide them from - if they know where to look.

You might need to update your phone to have access to all of the features, but TikTokers have warned that if you're able to recover the texts, it could mean bad news.

"Do you have any idea how many relationships you just broke up?," one person commented after learning about the hack.

Another added: "This post got me late for work reading old messages from my ex." Now there's a rabbit hole you really don't want to go down.

There's no way of stopping people from using the hack if they have the chance, but I suppose now you know that it exists, you can be a bit more cautious about what you say in the first place. Remember, think before you type!

Featured Image Credit: Tim Robberts/Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Getty Images

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