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Law student writes tiny notes on pens to cheat before taking exam

Law student writes tiny notes on pens to cheat before taking exam

Really, could you be bothered?

No one likes taking exams, but often they're unavoidable if you have any hope of getting some specific qualifications, titles or degrees.

As a result, studying is a necessary evil - something that, again, nobody likes doing, but which has simply got to be done if you want to pass.

However, there are some people out there who will do everything in their power not to revise, and I'm not just talking about your average serial procrastinator.

Rather than hitting the books, some take an alternative approach by choosing to cheat in their exams - even if cheating requires more effort than just studying in the first place.

One such example shared recently comes from Yolanda De Lucchi, a Professor of Procedural Law at the University of Malaga, Spain, who came across an incredibly excessive, if impressive, method of cheating used by one of her students while she was tidying her office.

The student had their impressive pens confiscated from them.

In a post on Twitter, the professor shared a picture showing 11 biro pens which, from a distance, would probably just look like your average writing tool. Upon closer inspection, though, you can see that the pens are actually covered with absolutely minuscule writing. We're talking writing that Stuart Little could be responsible for.

De Lucchi described the picture as showing 'criminal procedural law in bic pens', so although it's written in Spanish, it's clear that the student went above and beyond to relay their important notes on to the pens in order to have them on hand when they were put to the test.

I dread to think exactly how much time and effort this method of cheating took, and I'd give my respect to the person behind it if they'd managed to pull it off. Unfortunately, though, the fact that De Lucchi has the pens in her possession indicates the student wasn't as subtle with their cheating as they thought they were.

The student is said to have used a needle to write on the pens.

The professor described the pens as 'art', and her post went viral as baffled internet users across the globe took in the great lengths the student responsible had gone to.

The post caught the attention of one Twitter user who claimed to know the student behind the pens, and explained that they'd created their cheating tools by replacing the lead of a mechanical pencil with a needle, a trick which apparently 'made it super easy for him to write on the pen'

I mean, 10/10 for effort, but with the time it takes to go through all that, you'd probably be better off just studying. At least you know you won't get kicked out of the exam that way.

Featured Image Credit: @procesaleando/Twitter

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