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Cheating boyfriend caught out by girlfriend on live radio

Cheating boyfriend caught out by girlfriend on live radio

Well, this is awkward.

There are some things in this life that are satisfying, to say the least - and witnessing a cheater get their comeuppance is certainly one of them.

And one cheating boyfriend finally got found out by his girlfriend of five years - on live radio. Ouch.

The girlfriend, who opted to remain anonymous, called up New Zealand radio station The Edge for help to discover if her other half was trying to have his cake and eat it. Have a look below:

Presenters Sharyn and Jayden decided to help the audibly distressed woman and did some ‘next level stalking’ to deduce whether he could have been unfaithful.

Sharyn rang up the woman’s boyfriend with a fake name, asking if he’d be happy to help organise a surprise birthday party for his alleged mistress - who turned out to be his colleague.

The presenter gave herself the pseudonym ‘Virginia’ and pretended that she was a friend of the other woman who was planning the party.

She said: “We're organising a surprise party and I just need a bit of help with some stuff - like to invite some of her friends from work, because you guys work together right?”

Sharyn managed to expose the cheating boyfriend live on air.
Sharyn & Jayden on The Edge

The man replied: “Ah yeah, you know, I could invite a few people around for her. Yeah it'll be an awesome day out.”

The presenter went on to urge the man to take the woman on a date before the surprise party so that the other guests can convene at a specific place.

“You guys could go for dinner somewhere nearby then bring her up at 8 pm,” she said, to which the man agreed.

She continued: “Cause you guys are official now, like boyfriend/girlfriend, right? So it wouldn't be weird if you take her on a date.”

The man awkwardly said after stuttering, “I guess you can say we are.”

After the man admitted to ‘dating’ the woman, the presenter called out his actions in an absolutely savage way.

She asked: “When you ask her out on the date, will you put that in your calendar, and will you also put it in your girlfriend's calendar?”

“Just wondering if she (the girlfriend) likes to keep up with your other relationships.”



The boyfriend denied the accusations, awkwardly laughing as he said the presenter was speaking to the ‘wrong’ person, to which she responded: “Really? Are you the one that [the other woman] works with?”

The girlfriend, who opted to remain anonymous, called up New Zealand radio station The Edge for help.
Sharyn & Jayden on The Edge/Facebook

Their discussion then ended as he hung up the phone and Sharyn said 'I'm so sorry' to the heartbroken girlfriend who overheard the conversation.

Following the gut-wrenching call, the pair offered to take woman out on a 'girls night out with Jayden' to a Japanese restaurant and karaoke 'to get over that loser'.

The woman thanked the pair for their help, suggesting: "Maybe when I'm over this, in a year or something, you guys can help me find someone else."

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact Family Lives on 0808 800 2222. The line is open to families in England and Wales 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 3pm on weekends.  

Featured Image Credit: Sharyn & Jayden on The Edge/Facebook

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