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Woman's Rant Over Price Her Husband Paid For Tesco Leg Of Lamb Goes Viral

Woman's Rant Over Price Her Husband Paid For Tesco Leg Of Lamb Goes Viral

She took to a local community group to vent about the price of the meat, which she said she would be returning to the store

A woman was left fuming with the price of a leg of lamb from Tesco - so fuming she decided to vent in a Facebook community group.

Rozalia said she was 'mortified' by the price of the meat in a viral post in the 'What's on in Ramsbottom' page.

Sharing a photo of the offending leg, she wrote: "I sent Clive to Tesco for a leg of lamb… £30.86p!!!…

"Absolutely Mortified at the price!! He did question the price and accepted the answer and paid….. however, I’m not prepared to pay this!!

"Some families don’t even have £30 a week to feed their children…. Something Needs to be done….. I Will be taking this item back to Tesco tomorrow and asking for my money back!!!!!!"

She was not happy.

But if it was an outpouring of support she expected, she had another thing coming.

The Greater Manchester town has had a field day with the post, sharing all kinds of #SaveClive posts and lamb-based puns. In fact, some are suggesting the town should be renamed Lambsbottom.

A fundraiser has even been set up for Clive.

It reads: "Good people of Lambsbottom; it feels only just for us to pull together and gather some shrapnel to collectively cover Clive’s lamb leg.

"If we go over, then a jar of mint sauce would be the icing on the cake."

But beyond all the 'we hope ewe are OK, ewe must be feeling sheepish after being lambasted' posts, there were some who seriously engaged with the post.

One person commented: "Seriously? You can get nearly a week's shopping in Aldi for that? That's so expensive."

Another said: "Cost of living is rising. It's not poor Clive's fault."

Rozalia said she planned on returning the meat.

While another took the opportunity to set up a serious fundraiser.

They wrote: "Seeing as tonight it's been widely shared that the cost of food is ridiculous at the moment, I've set up a genuine CliveAid go fund me, for donations to Ramsbottom Pantry (local foodbank).

"Let's do something positive for our community."

Rozalia has since confirmed that she can see the funny side of the viral response and people needn't worry about Clive's wellbeing - though he is a bit miffed about his newfound fame.

She told the Manchester Evening News: "He keeps swearing at me and telling me to go out of his room but I find it hilarious.

"I can just imagine him walking through Rammy and people beeping their horns at him saying, 'Clive's alive' - and Clive will not see the funny side which makes it even more hilarious for me.

"Everyone has been saying he needs to get a t-shirt saying 'don't worry I'm alive', he'll never be able to go in Tesco again."

LADbible has contacted Tesco for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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