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Man Claims Delivery Driver Shouted 'You're So Fat' When Dropping Food Off

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

Man Claims Delivery Driver Shouted 'You're So Fat' When Dropping Food Off

A man claims that a food delivery driver shouted ‘you’re so fat’ at him when she arrived to drop off his takeaway at his house, but not everyone is so sure. You can see what you think the driver said by watching the video below:


TikTok user Jay Manubi posted the video online, showing footage taken from a security camera that sits above his front door.

In the short video, we can hear the DoorDash driver shouting out something as she left the doorstep leaving his food on the front step.

Now, Jay believes that the woman shouted out ‘you’re so fat’ before heading back to her car, but that’s only his opinion.

Because this is the internet, there has been a great amount of division over the woman’s actual words, with many believing that she didn’t actually abuse him at all.

Credit: TikTok/Jay Manubi
Credit: TikTok/Jay Manubi

Over the video, Jay wrote the caption: “DoorDash food delivery girl is not getting a tip after THAT comment!!”

He continued: “I may have ordered a little too much but that comment was a little overboard.”

Since then, the TikTok video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times and commented on thousands of times, and many believe that the woman said something else and altogether less insulting.

One person said: “I heard ‘Your food's up.’”

Another wrote: “She said ‘It’s DoorDash…’.”

A third said: “Bro she said ‘food's outside.’”

A slightly more in-depth comment read: “She definitely didn’t say that, you can tell just from the way she says it that she was just telling you the food was outside.”

Some people have even claimed that Jay was just looking out for a reason not to offer the woman a tip for delivering his food.

One such comment read: “She said ‘It’s DoorDash’ you just want to be cheap.”

Not everyone is so cynical, though.

Some folks genuinely believe that the woman was calling him fat.

Credit: TikTok/Jay Manubi
Credit: TikTok/Jay Manubi

One wrote: “I can definitely hear the pronounced F at the end for fat. There’s no way she said DoorDash or anything else. It doesn’t even sound similar.

“It’s pretty clear, she said it.”


Well, whatever the outcome, it’s certainly provided a lively debate on the social media platform.

We’ll probably never truly know what the woman said, and – if we’re honest with ourselves – do we really need to?

LADbible has contacted DoorDash for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Jay Manubi

Topics: Weird, TikTok, Food And Drink

Tom Wood
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