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Man Flies 1,000 Miles For Two First Dates And Gets Ghosted Twice

Man Flies 1,000 Miles For Two First Dates And Gets Ghosted Twice

David remains hopeful that he will still find The One

One man's ghosting experience reached a whole new level of harsh when he was met with excuses and silence after literally flying to a different country for a date - twice.

Not getting a text back from someone you're keen on is always tough, but often all you've lost is the few days you've spent getting to know them, and maybe a bit of cash on a date or two.

It's not ideal, but it's manageable. David Stevenson, however, ended up losing months worth of time and money on plane tickets as a result of not one, but two disastrous dating experiences.

The 32-year-old, who appeared on The Apprentice in 2015, moved from Nottingham to live in Spain but recently had been chatting to a woman he had previously met in the UK and been on a couple of dates with.

The pair talked every day, and they eventually made a plan for David to fly back to England so they could meet up again. The hopeful man followed the plan, but 'the moment' he landed on British soil, she 'went silent'.

Speaking about the unfortunate experience, David said: "It's purely disappointment. You're spending so many hours of your life invested in this person - from phone calls, messages. Everything.

David chatted to his second date for weeks on end.
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"There's only 24 hours in a day and you're giving up hours of your day for this person, and then to put yourself out there in a position of vulnerability and to be dropped, it's not a nice feeling at all."

After he shared his news about being ghosted on TikTok, David said he was messaged by a follower who he then began speaking to. They followed each other on Instagram and started Facetiming daily, 'just chatting and getting on'.

The pair spoke for 'three or four weeks', so confident he had found a good match David flew to Bristol Airport on Thursday (23 June) to meet the woman, only to be stood up once again.

"Everything was going fine, everything great," David said. "Then the day before I was to fly out, she'd gone a bit quiet. She didn't reply to any of my messages but I still had the flight in the morning.

"I'm one of these people where I get that people can be busy. I'm not always on social media or my phone. I messaged her in the morning to say I was flying over and had just got to the airport. I got nothing. I still jumped on the plane."

David flew to England specially for his two dates.
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The woman claimed she had coronavirus and that she was 'so sorry', but David doesn't believe her, saying: "I think it's an easy cop out but I'm old enough and wise enough to read between the lines... She had a lot of qualities that I liked and that's why I took the plunge to fly."

In spite of his two unfortunate experiences, David remains hopeful he will find The One and has been 'inundated with messages' after sharing his story online.

Before heading back to Spain on Monday, he plans to attend a party with 'loads of single women' after being invited by a sympathetic follower, saying: "I still have chance for some romance this weekend. I've kept it as an open book."

Though he says he has had a lot of offers, David specified he needs a 'goal-driven person' and admitted he is 'very picky'.

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