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Man Flies 5,000 Miles From Scotland To Go On First Date With Tinder Match

Man Flies 5,000 Miles From Scotland To Go On First Date With Tinder Match

True love has no borders

True love has no borders, and here to prove this sentiment is a man who just travelled 5,000 miles from Scotland to go on a first date with his Tinder match. Check it out:

Paddy Campbell set up a TikTok account which he kicked off with the story behind his long-haul journey to find love. 

The 32-year-old Scot who works in the whiskey sector explained how he met a ‘bonny lass’ on the dating app, assuming she was from Edinburgh. 

However, he soon learned that his love interest - named Bridget Kelly - actually lives all the way in Wisconsin, US. 

While that certainly threw a spanner in the works, the pair decided to take a risk and Paddy travelled all the way there to meet Bridget for their first date. 

In his debut TikTok, Paddy said that he and his ex split up in January 2022 after Covid and as he moved on from the breakup he decided to join Tinder, something he hadn’t tried before. 

Paddy Campbell said he was 'nervous' but 'excited' about meeting his Tinder match.

“Couple of months later after using the app I got a message from somebody I thought was very bonny, very pretty,” he explained. 

“So I got talking to her and I swear it looked like she was from Edinburgh which really f**king confused me, but she isn’t - turned out she’s from America, 4,700 miles away staying in Wisconsin in a place called New Glarus.”

For perspective, Paddy works in Stirling, Scotland, which is understandably a bit of a trek for him to go. 

But when they started chatting and FaceTiming, they realised they have a lot in common and get on really well. 

After a few weeks, Bridget invited Paddy to join her for a friend’s wedding and he decided to go for it - life’s short and all that. 

The journey there wasn’t exactly straightforward, with Paddy first flying into Dublin for a 14-hour wait before catching a plane to Chicago where he spent the night there with his new beau.

The pair are set to travel to Wisconsin for the wedding after meeting for the first time.

Bridget Kelly revealed their first meet went well.

Although he admitted he was ‘scared’ about going to the US for the first time, he said his mum’s American and was born in Ohio, and he was also feeling ‘excited’ and ‘nervous’. 

To be fair, most of us experience this mix of emotions on a regular first date, let alone when we’ve flown halfway across the world to meet them. 

The online community has his back, with dozens of people taking to the comments section to share their praise for the brave move. 

“This is so awesome and beautiful!! Cannot wait for updates. Wishing you and your beautiful date all the luck and blessings,” wrote one. 

“Rooting for you guys,” said another, while a third commented, “Class lad, all the best.”

The pair enjoyed dinner and drinks in Chicago.

Thankfully we don’t even have to wait for updates, as Bridget has also documented their unlikely love story on TikTok - including the moment she met him at the airport. 

Bridget initially explained that she too had been through a breakup, and after her ex told her to 'make moves' for herself, she decided to do just that and join Tinder Passport to find a date in Scotland - and that’s when she and Paddy started chatting. 

In a follow-up video, the pair can be seen enjoying a warm embrace as they meet for the first time, followed by dinner and drinks (and lots of smiles). 

Here's hoping these two go the distance.

Alongside the heartwarming montage, she wrote: “Update on the First Date with my Scottish Beau. Easily the best date I’ve ever been on.”

And if that doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart I don’t know what will. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@paddycampbell685/@fabledbridge

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