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Man went from 5’5 to 6’0 using limb lengthening surgery

Man went from 5’5 to 6’0 using limb lengthening surgery

The man says he's the 'happiest' he has ever been since the surgery

A man has managed to increase his height from five feet, five inches to six foot after undergoing months of painful limb lengthening surgery.

A lot of people are self-conscious about their height, and many of us make efforts to try and come across taller - or even shorter - than we really are.

We can always rely on some temporary fixes like high heels, chunky soles or even just standing on our tiptoes, but since there isn't an easy, permanent way to altering your height, most of us are resigned to living our height as it is.

But not everyone.

MrBrokenBones has grown to six foot.

One man, who goes by the handle @mrbrokenbonez on social media, has been on a lengthy and painful journey for the last six months, all in an effort to increase his height from his natural five feet, five inches.

In a series of videos documenting his experiences, the TikToker revealed how he's undergone limb lengthening surgery to lengthen his body and just recently reached his goal height of six foot.

Speaking to LADbible, the TikToker explained that he decided to undergo the procedure last year because he 'wanted to recreate' himself after being recognised throughout his life as a 'small man'.

The ordeal he's gone through over the last few months definitely doesn't sound fun, as he explained that limb lengthening surgery involves having the leg 'surgically cut' before a metal rod is placed inside the leg.

"Every day you turn the key on the metal rod outside your leg which triggers the internal rod to lengthen slowly stretching the bones and muscles everyday," he explained.

"After you reach your desired height the external metal device is removed and the internal rod remains intact until the bone regrows then they remove it."

The TikToker has now completed his journey.

The TikToker admitted it is a 'painful process', but insisted it's less painful if you 'stay flexible'.

When he first started his journey, the TikToker said it felt like he would 'never' reach his goal.

However, through his 'hard work and commitment' to the procedure, he's now the 'happiest [he has] ever been'.

The TikToker has gained thousands of followers by sharing his story, and he said the majority of the reactions he'd received have been 'shock' from people who didn't know limb lengthening was possible.

However, he has also noticed a 'significant difference in the way people respond' to him since he's increased his height.

According to Boston Children's Hospital, limb lengthening is typically used to reduce or correct limb-length discrepancies.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mrbrokenbonez

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