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People divided after hearing man with world’s lowest voice

People divided after hearing man with world’s lowest voice

He's the world record holder for the lowest note sung by a human but not everyone is convinced

The man who holds the Guinness World Record for singing the world's lowest note is truly something incredible to listen to.

Back in 2002, Tim Storms set the record for the lowest note ever sung and in 2012, he got it back again with a note as low as 0.189 Hz, or at least we think so, because humans can't hear noises below 20Hz.

He's also the world record holder for the person with the widest vocal range, so when we tell you that he has both a deeply impressive voice and an impressively deep voice, you'd better believe it.

The 50-year-old is a singer by trade, which is handy considering he's got such a distinctive singing voice, and has performed all across the world so he can treat audiences to his amazing vocal range.

And with a name like 'Storms', it's very fitting that he has a voice like deep, rumbling thunder and the sounds he can make with it are incredible.

Tim Storms can hit notes so low it'll make your entire sound system start shaking.

Tim has said that his voice was 'always low' and it only seems to be getting deeper the older he becomes, with the singing sensation admitting that he skipped right past a major part of puberty as he 'never went through that adolescent voice changing phase'.

While some people who want their voice to sound different can actually go in for surgery on their vocal chords, Tim's ability to hit the low notes is all natural.

He first shot to fame after submitting a recording of his voice for an international competition and won by a landslide.

People just love listening to the sound of his voice, describing his vocal chords as 'literally just a pair of subwoofers' and saying that when they listen to him they can 'feel my head vibrating'.

And plenty who've watched videos of Tim singing have wondered what those deep, low reverberating sound waves feel like up close and in person.

However, there are some music lovers who reckon that Tim is actually not really using his voice properly to hit the low notes and is instead using something called 'vocal fry'.

Tim can sing notes so low that even he can't hear them.

Vocal fry is the lowest register of voice which sounds like a croak in the throat and is produced by the slow movement of air.

While it sounds impressively deep, some people think this is not quite hitting the low notes properly.

Some have said that 'clicking your vocal chords like a Giger counter isn't hitting a note' and that he's 'not the lowest pitched voice' even if his supposed use of vocal fry was incredibly impressive.

However, others defended Tim, saying his lusciously deep voice was 'in all likelihood not fry', claiming that using vocal fry actually sounds pretty different.

One said: "This guy however, has a clear voice with really open vowels and such, and can hit significantly lower notes without the use of vocal frying."

Whether you think it's vocal fry or not, or perhaps never even heard of vocal fry until just now it's hard to deny that Tim Storms can make some incredible noises.

Featured Image Credit: @BassManMatteo/YouTube

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